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Temporal range: Capitanian, 260 Ma
Deltavjatia vjatkensis skull.JPG
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Procolophonomorpha
Family: Pareiasauridae
Genus: Deltavjatia
Hartmann-Weinberg, 1937
Type species
Deltavjatia vjatkensis
Hartmann-Weinberg, 1937
  • Anthodon chlynoviensis Efremov, 1933
  • Anthodon rossicus Hartmann-Weinberg, 1933
  • Pareiasuchus vjatkensis Hartmann-Weinberg, 1933
  • Scutosaurus rossicus Hartmann-Weinberg, 1933

Deltavjatia was a procolophonid reptile from the Tatarian stage of the Permian time period. It had a large body of about 1.5 m (5 ft) in length.[2] Deltavjatia was an herbivore.[3] Deltavjatia lived in what is now Russia.[3] The first specimen of Deltavjatia was a specimen of a skull and lower mandobile (PIN 2212/1[3]), found in the Urpalov Formation in Kotelnich, Vyatka River.


Deltavjatia was named a subtaxon of Pareiasauridae by M.S.Y. Lee in 1997.[3] It was named Deltavjatia vjatkensis by Hartmann & Weinberg in 1937.[3] Pareiasuchus vjatkensis is the alternative combination of Deltavjatia vjatkensis.[3] Deltavjatia vjatkensis was also named Anthodon rossicus by Hartmann & Weinberg in 1937.[3]

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