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Deltora Quest
(Derutora Kuesuto)
Genre Fantasy[1]
Anime television series
Directed by Mitsuru Hongo
Studio OLM, Inc.
Licensed by
Dentsu/Cinedigm (Home Video)
Original network Television Aichi Broadcasting
English network
The Hub (2010–2013)
Original run January 6, 2007 March 29, 2008
Episodes 65 (Japanese)
52 (English)
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Deltora Quest (デルトラ・クエスト, Derutora Kuesuto) is a Japanese anime series based on the series of children's books of the same name, written by Australian author Emily Rodda. It was announced by Rodda herself at Sydney's Book Council of Australia Conference and at an ABC Kids convention. The series was produced by Genco and SKY Perfect Well Think. The show is on TV Aichi every Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:30 am. It began airing on May 1, 2010 on Cartoon Network Australia and New Zealand (9:00 am to 9:50 am on Weekends). It premiered in the United States on The Hub on October 10, 2010. ABC3 in Australia is currently showing Deltora Quest. It made its Pakistani Debut in late 2010 on Cartoon Network (Pakistan) and finished at start of 2012 after many reruns.


The Shadow Lord, an evil sorcerer and The Lord of Shadows which comes from The Shadowlands, has taken over Deltora by destroying a magical object known as The Belt of Deltora, which is Deltora's only protection against him. Throughout the course of the anime, Lief, Barda and Jasmine travel around the land of Deltora to return the seven gem of the initials of which combine to form DELTORA, hence the name Deltora Quest, to the belt and save the land. Their first destination is the Forests of Silence.

After destroying the guardian Gorl, they find the Topaz and continue to the Lake of Tears. Along the way, they meet Manus and with his help defeat Jin and Jod, two of the sorceress Thaegan's thirteen children. Eventually, they fight with Thaegan and retrieve the Ruby. Thaegan is defeated when Jasmine's raven, Kree, creates a cut in her finger, causing her to lose blood. Since Thaegan is a witch, she instantly dies as a result of it.

The trio are then trapped by Thaegan's remaining eleven children, but manage to fool them and run away. Then, they visit Tom's mysterious shop and meet a scar-faced man, Doom. Later on they manage to reach the City of Rats. There Lief, Barda and Jasmine get the Opal and then enter the deadly Rithmere Championships. Jasmine wins, and then they are subsequently captured. With the help of the mysterious Doom, they manage to escape and reach the Shifting Sands, where they obtain the Lapis Lazuli. Thaegan and her eleven children are reborn from Flanwass's bags, but Lief, Barda and Jasmine manage to defeat them again.

They travel to Dread Mountain, passing through Gellick with the help of the Kin. They go on the River Queen, but end up finding out that a few of the passengers were Ols. To avoid putting the other passengers in danger, the trio are dropped off nearby. They go into the Maze of the Beast and are able to find the Amethyst, barely escaping the slug-like Glus. Thaegan returns and is defeated with twelve of her children, Ichabod injured. They meet Oacus and help him escape. They rescue Dain and find Tora. They then journey to the Valley of the Lost and defeat the guardian. However, Neridah, who stole the diamond, was captured by Oacus who they defeated. After a series of epic battles on the way to Del and in Deltora, the Shadow Lord is finally defeated and destroyed.


Voiced by: Ryosuke Sakamaki (Japanese); Cole Howard (English)
At the start of the series, Lief is the son of a blacksmith who lives in the run down city of Del. He is (as Barda describes him) 'A young hot-head' and spends his time roaming the streets and both tempting and dodging trouble. On his 16th birthday he leaves Del on his father's quest to find the magical gems missing from the belt of Deltora and the heir destined to wear it. Lief is tempted in many ways and by the end of the first series we see that he has grown not only in bravery and strength, but also in wisdom and patience.Lief is very courageous and extremely trustworthy. Only a few times does he considered giving up the quest but the thought of his friends or allies suffering always helps him to continue. The second series sees the characters questioning their trust of one another as they plot to save the slaves in the shadow lands. In the third series, Lief must take the belt around Deltora to awaken the ancient Dragons which must then help him destroy the sisters of the North South East and West. He was revealed in the end to be the son of the exiled king and queen that dons the commoner and blacksmith disguise and the heir apparent of the kingdom.
Voiced by: Yuusaku Yara (Japanese); Tom Edwards (English)
At the start of the series Barda appears to be a poor beggar living on the streets of Del. He is revealed to be an ex-palace guard who assumes the role of protector to Lief, much to both his and Lief's dismay. He is a skilled swordsman and frequently makes jokes about being stuck with two young hot-heads- Lief and Jasmine. He is about the same age as Lief's parents. He is also the son of Min who was the childhood nurse maid of both Endon and Jarred, who was killed by Prandine when she warned King Endon he was being deceived, but he didn't believe her. During the series, Barda competes in a contest in which he describes his special skill as strength. He helps Lief and Jasmine along the quest and is always strong-hearted, never gives up hope and is rather a gentle giant. At the end of the third series Barda finds love and the happiness. He marries Lindel of Broome and has six children, "all taller than their parents and like peas in a pod." He is a knight in service of the former royal couple.
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki (Japanese); Laura Rushfeldt (English)
At the start of the series Jasmine is a wild orphan girl who lives a solitary life in the dangerous Forests of Silence. She has messy coal black hair which frames her elfin face and emerald green eyes. She is often described as impatient and lonely but with a good heart. Her only friends in the Forests are the raven named Kree and a small furry animal called Filli. Jasmine understands the language of trees and many other animals. She is independent, like Lief, though she displays far less tact. She is also unafraid of standing up for what she believes in, if she feels something is unjust or incorrect she explains her view without any fear of reprimand. She believes in equal rights and fairness, her only problem is that she cannot understand people who will not fight for themselves. Growing up all alone, Jasmine knows how to fend for herself. She usually gets her own way. Jasmine is unable to comprehend how easily many people can be tricked by fancy words and promises.In the series she finds her long lost father and they are once again reunited. She is about the same age as Lief (16). Also during the series, Jasmine competes in a contest in which she describes her special skill as agility. She shows romantic interest in Lief, even though they don't always see eye to eye. In the second series Jasmine and Lief's romance hits a new level. Their bond continues to grow in each series. At the end of the third series, Jasmine marries Lief and has a daughter, Anna, and twin boys, Endon and Jarred. Her father was lost after helping Lief's parents escape, donning the criminal disguise, which is actually the real blacksmith.
Voiced by: Miyako Ito (Japanese); Tony Valdez (English)
Voiced by: Chigusa Ikeda (Japanese); Tony Valdez (English)
The Shadow Lord
Voiced by: Banjou Ginga (Japanese); Mike Shepherd (English)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga


The series was produced by Genco and the animation production at OLM and SKY Perfect Well Think. Rodda was originally approached with many film offers, but it was only this studio that promised to not change the story. The first episode was aired on January 6, 2007 in Japan.

It was directed by Mitsuru Hongō (Spirit of Wonder, Outlaw Star), designed by Hiroyuki Nishimura and Junya Ishigaki, and written by Oketani Arawa, Reiko Yoshida and Natsuko Takahashi. The music was composed by Kow Otani, but was replaced with an original soundtrack in the English version.

Although the series employs mostly traditional animation it uses CGI for the Guardians.[2]

Deltora Quest was originally licensed in North America by Geneon as one of their final licenses, but shut down before doing anything with the series.[3] The series was then rescued by Dentsu's newly established North American branch, and they produced an English version of the series in association with Ocean Productions in Vancouver, British Columbia and recorded at their Calgary-based Blue Water Studios.[4] All music for the English version was composed and produced by John Mitchell and Tom Keenlyside at Anitunes Music Inc.

Due to the series' popularity in Japan, it was extended to 65 episodes from the original 52, containing stories not in the original novels. The English dub restores the ending of the original novels, and ignores the 13 added episodes in the anime.

Cinedigm released the series onto DVD in a complete boxset on May 13, 2014.[5]


Opening theme[edit]

  1. HEART☆BEAT by MARIA (episodes 1–28)
  2. Boku no Taiyou (僕の太陽) by AKB48 (episodes 29–52)
  3. In This Life~Tabidachi made no 3 Step (In This Life~旅立ちまでの3ステップ) by Delta Goodrem (episodes 53–65)

Ending theme[edit]

  1. Sakura Uta (桜唄) by Rythem (episodes 1–14)
  2. Hey Now! by COOLON (episodes 15–26)
  3. Go To Fly by Sunbrain (episodes 27–39)
  4. Yume x Yume' (夢x夢) by Yurika Ohyama (episodes 40–52)
  5. Yubikiri Genman (ユビキリゲンマン) by Hoi festa (episodes 53–65)

The English version uses an original instrumental composed by John Lee Mitchell and Tom Keenlyside for Anitunes Music Inc.


The first fifty-two episodes were dubbed into English.

  1. The Adventure Begins (リーフ冒険の旅へ, Rīfu, Bōken no Tabi e, Lief on an Adventurous Journey)
  2. Jasmine, Girl of the Forest (森の少女ジャスミン, Mori no Shōjo Jasumin)
  3. The Golden Knight (黄金の騎士ゴール, Ōgon no Kishi Gōru, The Golden Knight Gorl)[6]
  4. The Enigmatic Giant (ナゾナゾ巨人の呪い, Nazonazo Kyojin no Noroi, The Enigmatic Giant's Curse)
  5. Nij and Doj's Trap (ニジとドッジのわな, Nij to Doj no Wana)
  6. The Monster in the Lake of Tears (嘆きの湖にすむ怪物, Nageki no Mizuumi ni Sumu Kaibutsu, The Monster Living in the Lake of Grief)
  7. Sorceress Thaegan (魔女テーガン現る, Majo Tēgan Arawaru, Sorceress Thaegan Appears)[6]
  8. Tom's Curious Shop (トムのふしぎな店, Tomu no Fushigi na Mise)[6]
  9. Noradz the Clean (クリーンチュルナイ!, Kurīn Churunai, Clean Noradzeer!)[6]
  10. Escape (牢獄からの脱出, Rōgoku kara no Dasshutsu, Escape From Prison)[6]
  11. Cross the River (はばひろ川を渡れ, Habahirogawa wo Watare, Cross the Broad River)[6]
  12. The King of the Rats (ラット・シティの王, Ratto Shiti no Ō, The King of Rat City)[6])
  13. Endon and Jarred (エンドンとジャード, Endon to Jādo)
  14. The Stolen Gems (うばわれた宝石, Ubawareta Hōseki)
  15. Good Luck! Bad Luck! (運がいい? わるい?, Un ga ii? Warui?, Good Luck? Bad Luck?)[6]
  16. The Rithmere Games (リスメア競技大会, Risumea Kyōgi Taikai, The Rithmete Games Tournament)[6]
  17. Test of Endurance (戦え! 戦えリーフ, Tatakae! Tatakae Rīfu, Fight, Fight Lief!)[6]
  18. Jasmine vs. Doom (ジャスミンと謎の男, Jasumin to Nazo no Otoko, Jasmine and the Mysterious Man)
  19. The Boy from the Resistance (レジスタンスの少年, Rejisutansu no Shōnen, Boy of the Resistance)
  20. The Shifting Sands (うごめく砂の怪物, Ugomeku Suna no Kaibutsu, Monster of the Squirming Sands)
  21. The Heavenly Stone (神の石ラピスラズリ, Kami no Ishi Rapisu Razuri, The Spiritual Stone, Lapis Lazuli)
  22. Thaegan's Return (魔女テーガンの復活, Majo Tēgan no Fukkatsu, Sorceress Thaegan's Revival)
  23. Thaegan's Trap (恐怖テーガンのわな, Kyōfu Tēgan no Wana, Fearful Thaegan's Trap)
  24. Meeting Prin (プリンとの出会い, Purin tono Deai)
  25. Kin to the Air (キンよ飛べ! 大空へ, Kin yo Tobe! Ōzora e, Fly, Kin! To the Air)[6]
  26. Vraal Attack (急襲! 怪物ブラール, Kyūshū! Kaibutsu Burāru, Assault! The Monster Vraal)[6]
  27. Trapped under Dread Mountain (恐怖の山にひそむ者, Kyōfu no Yama ni Hisomu Mono, The One Lurking in Dread Mountain)[6]
  28. The Great Gellick (巨大ゲリックを倒せ, Kyodai Gerikku wo Taose, Defeat the Great Gellick!)[6]
  29. End of the Carn Squad (カーン部隊を叩け!, Kān Butai wo Tatake!, Strike the Carn Squad!)[6])
  30. The Mysterious Ols (新たなる怪物オル, Aratanaru Kaibutsu Oru, The New Monsters, Ols)
  31. Goodbye, Jasmine (さよならジャスミン, Sayonara, Jasumin)
  32. The River Queen (リバークイーン号, Ribā Kuīn-Gō)
  33. Pirate Attack (リーフ、危機一髪, Rīfu, Kikiippatsu, Lief in a Close Call)
  34. The Pirates' Feast (盗賊たちのうたげ, Tōzoku-tachi no Utage)
  35. Maze of the Beast (怪物グルーの洞くつ, Kaibutsu Gurū no Doukutsu, The Cave of Monster Glue)[6]
  36. Sorceress Thaegan is Back! (魔女テーガンの逆襲, Majo Tēgan no Gyakushū, Sorceress Theagan's Counterattack)
  37. Mirror of Fear (テーガンと子ども達, Tēgan to Kodomo-tachi, Thaegan and Her Children)
  38. Sorcerer Oacus (魔導士オーカス現る, Madoushi Ōkasu Arawaru, Sorcerer Oacus Appears)
  39. The Vow of the Torans (トーラ族の誓い, Tōra-zoku no Chikai)
  40. The Valley of the Lost (いましめの谷の番人, Imashime no Tani no Bannin, Guardian of the Forbidden Valley)
  41. The Last Gem (最後のダイヤモンド, Saigo no Daiyamondo, Last One, the Diamond)
  42. The Seven Gems United (七つの宝石が集う時, Nanatsu no Hōseki ga Tsudou Toki, When the Seven Gems Meet)
  43. Nevets Goes Wild (スカール大暴走!, Sukāru Daibōsō, Nevets' Great Rampage)
  44. Battle at Withick Mire (ベタクサ村の攻防, Betakusa Mura no Kōbō, Attack and Defence of Vetaxa Village)[6]
  45. The Oath (リーフ、誓いの儀式, Rīfu, Chikai no Gishiki, Lief and the Oath Ceremony)[6]
  46. The Last Battle of Fire (宿敵オーカスの最後, Shukuteki Ōkasu no Saigo, The Last of Old Enemy Oacus)[6]
  47. The Seven Tribes (進撃せよ! 七部族, Shingekise yo! Shichi Buzoku, Charge! The Seven Tribes)[6]
  48. Who is Dain? (親友デインの正体, Shin'yuu Dein no Shōtai, The True Colours of Good Friend Dain)[6]
  49. A Desperate Rescue (決死の救出作戦, Kesshi no Kyūshutsu Sakusen, Do-or-Die Rescue Mission)
  50. Who's the Next King? (真実の世継ぎは誰?, Shinjitsu no Yotsugi wa Dare?, Who is the True Heir?)[6]
  51. Battle of the Ak-Babas (決戦アクババ軍団, Kessen Akubaba Gundan, Decisive Battle, the Ak-Baba Army)[6]
  52. When the Seven Gems Shine (七つの宝石の輝く時, Nanatsu no Hōseki no Kagayaku Toki)
  53. On an Adventurous Journey Again (ふたたび冒険の旅へ, Futatabi Bouken no Tabi e)
  54. Jasmine Returns to the Forest (ジャスミン森へ帰る, Jasumin Mori e Kaeru)
  55. Trap of the Underground Labyrinth (地下迷宮のワナ, Chika Meikyū no Wana)
  56. Filli in a Big Pinch? (フィリの大ピンチ?, Firi no Dai Pinchi?)
  57. The Solitary Guards (独りぼっちの憲兵団, Hitoribocchi no Kenpeidan)
  58. House-sitting at Tom's Shop (トムの店でお留守番, Tomu no Mise de o-Rusuban)
  59. Prin's First Love (プリンはじめての恋, Purin Hajimete no Koi)
  60. The Pirates of the River Tor (トル川の盗賊たち, Torugawa no Tōzokutachi)
  61. The Stolen Belt (奪われたベルト, Ubawareta Beruto)
  62. The Promise that Lief Kept (リーフの守った約束, Rīfu no Mamotta Yakusoku)
  63. Neridah and Jasmine (ネリダとジャスミン, Nerida to Jasumin)
  64. The House Where Ols Lurk (オルのひそむ館, Oru no Hisomu Kan)
  65. Deltora Forever (デルトラよ永遠に, Derutora yo Eien ni)

Deltora Quest Card Game[edit]

The anime Deltora Quest produced a Deltora Quest Card Game with Data Cards. Using collectible cards, players fight each other with character cards and monster cards. There are two types of card sets, Starter sets and Booster sets. Not much is known about it.

  1. Deltora Quest Card Game – The Adventure Begins
  2. Deltora Quest Card Game 2 – The Seven Lost Gems

This is hinted at in the middle of each episode, where cards featuring a main or supporting character are presented. Some characters have differently illustrated versions of their card.

Video game[edit]

A video game for the Nintendo DS titled Deltora Quest: Nanatsu no Houseki was released by Bandai Namco in 2007, and is currently exclusive to Japan.


On May 13, 2014 an incomplete series of the show was released in English, containing only the originally dubbed set of 52 episodes and not all 65 episodes.


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