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Deltron 3030
Studio album by Deltron 3030
Released October 17, 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Glue Factory
Genre Alternative hip hop, underground hip hop, hip hopera
Length 60:18
Label 75 Ark
Producer Dan the Automator
Deltron 3030 chronology
Deltron 3030
Event 2

Deltron 3030 is the 2000 debut album by the hip hop supergroup of the same name. It is a rap opera concept album set in a dystopian year 3030.

Album information[edit]

The album's story casts Del in the role of Deltron Zero, a disillusioned mech soldier and interplanetary computer prodigy rebelling against a 31st-century New World Order. In a world where evil oligarchs suppress both human rights and hip-hop, Del fights rap battles against a series of foes, becoming Galactic Rhyme Federation Champion. To celebrate, Del takes a trip back to Earth for a vacation, but is ambushed by his enemies and has his memory wiped, plunging the world back into darkness.

Del tha Funkee Homosapien's lyrics veer from serious social commentary to humor to epic sci-fi battles, while producer Dan the Automator creates an eerie and dense atmosphere.

The song "3030" was used as the theme song on the short lived CBS series Robbery Homicide Division. The song "Positive Contact" was featured in the video games Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (2001), Tony Hawk's Underground (2003), and College Hoops 2K8 (2007).

The song "Time Keeps On Slipping", featuring Damon Albarn, is said to have been the influence on the creation of the musical project Gorillaz. This claim however, is unfounded. Gorillaz began recording their first album in 1998, a year before Deltron 3030 was formed to record their own. The similarities of both albums are likely the result of Daniel Nakamura's production.

On the single "Time Keeps On Slipping", it states the version of "Turbulence" is the remix by Mark Bell, despite the fact the album version and the version featured on the single are completely different. The version on the single could possibly be the original version, as it features scratching possibly by Kid Koala, which is missing from the Mark Bell remix on the album.[citation needed]

The album was reissued July 1, 2008 with 3 bonus remixes.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
Almost Cool (8.25/10)[2]
Pitchfork Media (8.8/10)[3]
PopMatters (positive)[4]
RapReviews 9/10 stars[5]
Rolling Stone Album Guide 3/5 stars[6]
  • The Wire (10/00, p. 86) - "A planet where rhymes are pecked into trees by gnawed off golf pencils between clenched teeth."
  • CMJ (10/16/00, p. 28) - "[Its] slick and styled funk proves [Automator's] light years ahead of his peers."
  • Melody Maker (11/14/00, p. 52) - 4 stars out of 5 - "This is dark, jagged alt-rock inspired soundtrack to confusing times."
  • NME (10/21/00, p. 44) - 8 out of 10 - "A space opera....the most purely enjoyable hip-hop album of 2000....It's a crazed sci-fi journey to Planet B.S., that takes myriad detours around the galaxy....utterly mesmerizing."

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Dan the Automator and Del the Funky Homosapien, except where noted. 

No. Title Featuring Length
1. "State of the Nation"   Damon Albarn 0:25
2. "3030"     7:29
3. "The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza"   Prince Paul 0:21
4. "Things You Can Do"     4:59
5. "Positive Contact"     4:42
6. "St. Catherine St."   Beans, Mr. Lif, P. Wingerter, Peanut Butter Wolf, Verna Brown 0:43
7. "Virus"     4:26
8. "Upgrade (A Brymar College Course)"     4:10
9. "New Coke"   Mark Ramos-Nishita 0:41
10. "Mastermind"     3:34
11. "National Movie Review"   Brad Roberts 0:53
12. "Madness"     4:38
13. "Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch"   MC Paul Barman 0:36
14. "Time Keeps On Slipping" (composed also by Damon Albarn) Damon Albarn 4:59
15. "The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft, Inc.)"   Hafdís Huld 0:49
16. "Turbulence"   Remixed by Mark Bell 3:33
17. "The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza Part II"   Prince Paul 0:37
18. "Battlesong"     4:07
19. "Love Story"     3:26
20. "Memory Loss" (composed also by Sean Lennon) Sean Lennon 4:39
21. "The Assmann 640 Speaks"   Damon Albarn 0:31

2008 reissue bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Positive Contact" (Charlie Clouser remix)
  2. "Turbulence" (Mark Bell remix)
  3. "Positive Contact" (Mario C remix)


The following lists some of the songs and sounds sampled for Deltron 3030.[7]

"Things You Can Do"
"Positive Contact"
"National Movie Review"
"The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft Inc.)"
"Love Story"
  • "Milk and Honey" by Bonnie Dobson
  • "Le Massacre Du Dragon" by the Maurice Vander Trio
"Memory Loss"


  • "Time Keeps On Slipping"
  • "3030"


  • Mark Bell – remixing
  • V. Brown – vocals
  • Dan the Automator – producer
  • Del tha Funkee Homosapien – vocals, Lyricist
  • Scott Harding – engineer
  • Kid Koala – DJ
  • Sean Lennon – vocals
  • Money Mark – vocals
  • Brad Roberts – vocals
  • P. Wingerter – vocals
  • Damon Albarn - vocals, narration, melodica, additional instrumentation


Year Chart Peak position
2000 Heatseekers #13
2000 Billboard 200 #194
2000 Top Independent Albums #43
2000 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #90


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