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A deluge is a large downpour of rain, often a flood.

Deluge may also refer to:

Mythical and prehistoric floods[edit]


  • Deluge (history), the Swedish and Russian invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1654–1667)



  • The Deluge (novel), Potop, an 1886 novel by Nobel Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz about the historical event
  • Deluge, a 2008 novel by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Anne Sarborough
  • Deluge (novel), a 1928 novel by S. Fowler Wright
  • The Deluge, a 1954 pastiche story credited to Leonardo da Vinci, actually written by Robert Payne
  • The Deluge, a 2007 novel by Mark Morris

Film and TV[edit]

  • Deluge (film), a 1933 apocalyptic science fiction film loosely based on the S. Fowler Wright novel
  • The Deluge (film), a 1974 Polish film based on the Sienkiewicz novel