Deluxe Music Construction Set

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Deluxe Music Construction Set
In-program screenshot (Macintosh)
Original author(s) Geoff Brown
Developer(s) Electronic Arts
Initial release 1986; 30 years ago (1986)
Platform Amiga
Apple Macintosh
Type Music composition

Deluxe Music Construction Set (DMCS) is a 1986 music composition, notation and playback program for the Amiga and Apple Macintosh home computers.


DMCS, the first music program for the Amiga system, was created by Geoff Brown and published by Electronic Arts (EA). Ariolasoft published the program in Europe under license from EA.

DMCS was the first of a line of music programs for the Amiga to make use of its four voice 8-bit sample playback and MIDI synthesis. Some compared the Amiga's sample playback, at the time, to the first Ensoniq Mirage Sampler which was selling for more than US$1000 in the mid-1980s. This program required 256 kB of RAM. However, it could be used for sample playback and complex music composition with 512 kB of RAM.

DMCS included Bach's Fugue in G minor "Little".

DMCS was more complex and capable than the first music application that EA made for the Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari and Atari ST computers, Music Construction Set. For example, it allowed users to enter lyrics in with the musical score, though the lyrics were strictly for the user's benefit, as the program did not attempt to "sing" the words.

DMCS was also released for the Macintosh, though it was hampered by its copy protection, which used a low-level code encryption that skirted the Macintosh toolbox, resulting in it becoming incompatible with Macintosh System software when upgraded to System 6.

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