Deluxe Paint Animation

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DeluxePaint Animation
Deluxe Paint Animation Box Cover
Developer(s)Electronic Arts
Initial release1990; 29 years ago (1990)
Stable release
1.0 / 1990; 29 years ago (1990)
Operating systemMS-DOS
TypeBitmap graphics editor

DeluxePaint Animation is a 1990 graphics editor and animation creation package for MS-DOS, based on the Commodore Amiga's Deluxe Paint. It was adapted by Brent Iverson with additional animation features by Steve Shaw and released by Electronic Arts.[1][2]

The program required a VGA 320×200×256 colors display, MS-DOS 2.1 or higher and a mouse.[3][4]


Listed from the back of the box.

  • Complete selection of painting tools — Draw any shape you want, any way you want.
  • Turn any image into a brush. You can rotate, flip, shear, resize, smear, and shade it.
  • 7 levels of magnification — Paint in magnified mode if you want. Use variable zoom for detailed editing at the pixel level.
  • 3-D perspective — Move and rotate images in full 3-D, automatically.
  • Use color cycling and gradient fills to create great special effects.
  • Stencils — Protect your designs from the slip of the hand or a bad idea. A stencil masks your image so you can paint "behind" and "in front of" it.
  • Use the handy Move Dialog to animate brushes in full 3-D — automatically! Ideal for creating spinning titles for low-cost videos.
  • 37 multi-sized fonts[4]

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