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A deme was a subdivision of Attica in ancient Greece.

Deme may also refer to:

  • Deme, an alternative name for the municipalities of Greece (Greek: δήμος, dhímos; pl. δήμοι, dhímoi)
  • Dèmè, Benin
  • Deme (biology), a local population of organisms of one species that actively interbreed with one another and share a distinct gene pool
  • DEME, one of the largest dredging companies in the world
  • Deme, an Iranian name for the Towers of Silence


  • Masanobu Deme (1932–2016), Japanese film director
  • József Deme (born 1951), Hungarian Olympic sprint canoeist
  • Imre Deme (born 1983), Hungarian football (soccer) player