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Barbara Melzer as Bombalurina (left) and Ewa Lachowicz as Demeter in the Polish production of Cats, 2007.

Demeter is a main character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. Her name is given in "the Naming Of Cats".

Demeter, as costumed in the filmed production, is black and gold with a few patches of white and red or orange, and wears gloves instead of arm warmers, giving her a more elegant touch. In other productions she has larger patches of red. She has a few tabby markings around her face and legs. Demeter is one of the main queens, and her role is considered a major one in the show.

Demeter is the cat who unmasks Macavity when he tries to disguise as Old Deuteronomy.

She is very skittish and cautious of Macavity. Some believe she had a past with him and is now paranoid as she always seems to know when he is around. This seems to be confirmed by Cats Choreographer Gillian Lynne in behind the scenes footage seen in on the Cats special edition DVD. Actress Lena Hall, who played Demeter in the original Broadway production, stated that she was told that Macavity may have raped Demeter, causing the skittishness. In most productions, she is portrayed as the mate of Alonzo. In far fewer, Munkustrap is seen as her mate, and this pairing is really only well known because the pair nuzzle after Macavity's attack on the Junkyard in the movie version of the show. Demeter sings in the backing group in "The Gumbie Cat" with Bombalurina, with whom she is very close, and also with Jellylorum. Her biggest part is in "Macavity", which she sings with Bombalurina.

She is one of the few adult queens to attempt to welcome Grizabella and sings part of Grizabella the Glamour Cat, but cannot bring herself to fully accept her until the show is almost over. She seems to know Grizabella and may have been good friends with her in the past, or simply identifies with her remorse. Many fans have speculated that Grizabella at some point also became involved with Macavity, which might explain the look of disgust on Demeter's face in the recorded version of the show. She usually runs off to Bombalurina in uncomfortable situations, such as when Grizabella or Macavity are nearby. It is possible that their time spent with Macavity simply overlapped. Demeter has little or no interest in the Rum Tum Tugger. She shows no interest in the outgoing, vain toms; this may explain her interest in Macavity. In an interview with, Lena Hall, who played Demeter in the Broadway production, revealed that the story behind Demeter includes that she was raped by Macavity and may suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

She is usually played by a mezzo-soprano singer.

Demeter's dance takes on some complicated movements in the Jellicle Ball along with the Rum Tum Tugger, Alonzo, Munkustrap, Rumpleteazer and Bombalurina.

The part of Demeter was originated by Sharon Lee-Hill in the West End production and by Wendy Edmead in the original Broadway production. In the Cats video she is played by Aeva May.

Vicki Noon appeared as Demeter in Cats during a Washington (state) tour.[1]

At this moment in the worldwide tour she is played by Lisa Kuhnen.

Actresses to play the part[edit]

  • Stephanie Sousa
  • Lisa Kuhnen
  • Zizi Strallen
  • Aeva May
  • Amy Phillips
  • Lisa Karlin
  • Rachael Watkins Farnum
  • Renee Burleigh
  • Madison Mitchell
  • Shona Evans
  • Lena Hall (credited as Celina Carvajal)
  • Katie Lorina
  • Jane Greene (youth production)
  • Allison Hur (youth production)
  • Yuliya Stelmashonok
  • Scarlet Robinson
  • Kim Faure
  • Liz Curnick
  • Samantha Sturm


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