Demetrio Larena

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The Most Excellent
Demetrio Larena
Vice-President of the Republic of Negros
In office
November 5, 1898 – April 30, 1901
Preceded by (post made)
Succeeded by Antonio Jayme
(as Civil Vice-Governor)
Governor of Negros Oriental
In office
Preceded by (position last held by Antonio Ferrer, as Gobernadorcillo)
Succeeded by Herminigildo Villanueva

Demetrio Larena a political hero and former governor of Negros Oriental (East Negros), a province on Negros Island in the Philippines. He was the vice-president of the Republic of Negros and eventually the governor of Negros Oriental from 1901 until 1906. Larena was instrumental in the establishment of Silliman University in Dumaguete City. When Dr. David Hibbard came to the Philippines to scout for a good location of the school that the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions wanted to be founded, Dumaguete was not one of the places originally contemplated. The places that were considered as prospects for the school's location were Iloilo, Cebu and Zamboanga.[1] But due in part to Larena's accommodating gesture and Dumaguete's natural environment at that time, Hibbard decided that the best place to establish the school would be in Dumaguete.


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