Demetrius Charles Boulger

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Demetrius Charles Boulger
Born Demetrius Charles Boulger
Died 1928

Demetrius Charles Boulger (14 July 1853–1928) was a British author.[1]

Beginning in 1876 Boulger contributed to the important British journals on questions concerning India, China, Egypt and Turkey. With Sir Lepel Griffin he founded in 1885 the Asiatic Quarterly Review and edited it during the first four and one-half years of its publication.[1]


  • Lord William Bentinck. Rulers of India series.[2]
  • History of China[3] vol. I. 1881. ; vol. II. 1882. ; vol. III. 1884. 
  • Battle of the Boyne, together with an account based on French and other unpublished records of the war in Ireland (1688-1691) and of the formation of the Irish brigade in the service of France; illustrated with many portraits. 1911. 
  • Belgian life in town and country. 1904. 
  • Belgium of the Belgians. 1911. 
  • Central Asian portraits; the celebrities of the khanates and the neighboring states. 1880. 
  • Central Asian questions. 1885. 
  • China, by Demetrius Charles Boulger; with a supplementary chapter of recent events, by Mayo W. Hazeltine. 1900. 
  • Congo State. 1898. 
  • Congo state is not a slave state : [a reply to Mr. E.D. Morel's pamphlet entitled "The Congo slave state"]. 1903. 
  • England and Russia in Central Asia. With two maps and appendices. 1879. 
  • England's arch-enemy; a collection of essays forming an indictment of German policy during the last sixteen years. 1914. 
  • History of Belgium. 1902. 
  • Holland of the Dutch. 1920. 
  • India in the nineteenth century. 1901. 
  • Life of Gordon, major-general, R. E., C. B.; Turkish field-marshal, grand cordon Medjidieh, and pasha. 1896. 
  • Life of Sir Halliday Macartney, K. C. M. G., commander of Li Hung Chang's trained force in the Taeping rebellion, founder of the first Chinese arsenals, for thirty years councillor and secretary to the Chinese legation in London. 1940. 
  • Life of Sir Stamford Raffles. 1899. 
  • Life of Yakoob Beg; Athalik ghazi, and Badaulet; Ameer of Kashgar. With map and appendix. 1878. 
  • Lord William Bentinck. 1897. 
  • Maharajah Devi Sinha and the Nashipur raj, with 15 illustrations. 1912. 
  • Ought we to hold Candahar?. 1879. 
  • Reign of Leopold II, king of the Belgians and founder of the Congo State, 1865-1909 (forming part III of the "History of Belgium") with twenty portraits. 1925. 


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