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Demetrius Lacon or Demetrius of Laconia (Greek: Δημήτριος; fl. late 2nd century BC) was an Epicurean philosopher, and a disciple of Protarchus.[1] He was an older contemporary of Zeno of Sidon and a teacher of Philodemus. Sextus Empiricus quotes part of a commentary by Demetrius on Epicurus, where Demetrius interprets Epicurus' statement that « time is an accident of accidents. »[2]

Papyrus scrolls containing portions of the works of Demetrius were discovered at the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum. The major works partially preserved are:[3]

  • Quaestiones convivales (PHerc. 1006)
  • On the Puzzles of Polyaenus (PHerc. 1083, 1258, 1429, 1642, 1647, 1822)
  • On Geometry (PHerc. 1061)
  • On Poems (PHerc. 188, 1014)
  • two untitled works (PHerc. 1786, 124)

In addition, he is the probable author of the following works:

  • On the Size of the Sun (PHerc. 1013)
  • On Fickleness (PHerc. 831)
  • an untitled work on textual criticism of Epicurus' writings (PHerc. 1012)
  • an untitled theological work (PHerc. 1055)
  • an untitled rhetorical work (PHerc. 128)


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