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Illustration from Jarves's 1854 publication Reminiscences of Glass-Making

Deming Jarves (1790-1869) was a 19th-century American glass manufacturer in Massachusetts. He co-founded the New England Glass Company and founded the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, renowned for its pressed glass, and the Mount Washington Glass Company.

Brief biography[edit]

Jarves was born in 1790 in Boston, Massachusetts, to a "prosperous cabinetmaker."[1] Between 1818 and 1825 Jarves worked for the New England Glass Company.[2] He conducted business from offices in Boston; the company's factory was located in East Cambridge.[3]

In 1825 he began the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company with its factory in Sandwich, Massachusetts,[4][5] specializing in blown glassware, mold-blown glass, and machine-pressed glass.[6][7] Jarves kept an office in Boston (in 1832 at 98 Water Street; in ca.1847-1851 at 45 Federal Street).[8][9][10] Jarves developed the company "to become the most important manufacturer of pressed glass in 19th-century America.[11] He left the company in 1858; it continued until 1888.

In 1837 Jarves founded the Mt. Washington Glass Works in South Boston under the management of Captain Luther Russell. Two years later the business was transferred to George D. Jarves, as his father, Deming, originally intended. In 1876 the Mt. Washington business was reorganized, and its name slightly altered, to the Mt. Washington Glass Company.

Jarves's children included John Jarves (d.1863), James Jackson Jarves and Deming Jarves.[12]

Selected writing[edit]


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