Demitasse spoon

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Demitasse spoons with matching demitasse cups

A demitasse spoon is a diminutive spoon, smaller than a teaspoon.[1] It is traditionally used for coffee drinks in specialty cups, such as a demitasse, and for spooning cappuccino froth. It is also used as a baby spoon,[2][3] and in some surgical procedures.[4]


  1. ^ "Looking for Info on Demitasse Spoons?". Retrieved 18 January 2011. Demitasse spoons are small, approximately three to four and a half inches in length, metal, usually silver but also in gold and stainless, with a wide bowl, and originally used to accompany coffee and tea in Europe and now North America.
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  3. ^ Weng, Lorraine (1950). "Establishing Good Food Habits". The American Journal of Nursing. 50 (3): 155–157. JSTOR 3467526. We have found that a spoon with a bowl which is long and narrow, like a demitasse spoon, fits the baby's mouth better than one with a broad, round bowl.
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