Democracy in Europe Movement 2025

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Democracy in Europe Movement 2025
Formation February 9, 2016; 15 months ago (2016-02-09)
Type Political movement
Key people
Yanis Varoufakis, Srećko Horvat, Lorenzo Marsili, Julian Assange, Noam Chomsky, Brian Eno, Julien Bayou, Jean-Michel Jarre, James K. Galbraith, Susan George, Boris Groys, Ken Loach, Toni Negri, Saskia Sassen, Slavoj Žižek
Website [1]

The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, or DiEM25, is a Pan-European political movement launched in 2015 by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. The movement was officially presented at a ceremonial event held on 9 February 2016 in the Volksbühne theatre in Berlin[1] and on the 23rd March in Rome. Their movement aims to reform the European Union's existing institutions to create a "full-fledged democracy with a sovereign Parliament respecting national self-determination and sharing power with national Parliaments, regional assemblies and municipal councils".[2]


The movement's declared aim is to reinvigorate the idea of Europe as a union of people governed with democratic consent rather than what the movement fears the European Union is heading to: a superstate ruled by technocrats issuing edicts.[2] In support of this argument they mention eight distinct aspects where governance is by compulsion rather than consent. First among these is "hit-squad inspectorates and the Troika they formed together with unelected ‘technocrats’ from other international and European institutions".[2] The organization cites the emerging extremist nationalism of some new political parties as well as the so-called Brexit and Grexit state departure initiatives as evidence of this impending European fracture.

In a video statement Varoufakis gave to El País during his visit to Madrid this claim was repeated, citing the Brexit special concessions[3] granted by the EU to the UK in February 2016 as evidence of this disintegration.[4]


DiEM25 is led by a Coordinating Collective composed of 12 individuals and overseen by an Advisory Board of well known personalities.

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