Democracy Party (Iran)

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For the pro-Kurdish political party in Turkey, see Democracy Party (Turkey).
Democracy Party
حزب مردمسالاری
Secretary-General Mostafa Kavakebian
Spokesperson Mirzababa Motaharinejad[1]
Founded June 8, 2001 (2001-06-08)[1]
Legalised November 1, 1999 (1999-11-01) as Party of Defenders of 2nd of Khordad's Message[1]
Split from Islamic Iran Solidarity Party[1]
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Newspaper Mardomsalari
Political position Centre[2]
Religion Islam
National affiliation Council for Coordinating the Reforms Front
Other affiliation Reformists Front (2000–2014)
Slogan Theism, Modernism and Democracy[1]
Sister Party Worker House[3]
1 / 290

The Democracy Party of Iran (Persian: حزب مردمسالاری‎‎) is an Iranian reformist political party that split from the Islamic Iran Solidarity Party in 2000.

The party was founded by its current Secretary-General Mostafa Kavakebian and publishes Mardomsalari newspaper.[1]

The party has been a member of Council for Coordinating the Reforms Front, as well as Reformists Front. In 2008, they formed 'Popular Coalition of Reforms' and were allied with National Trust Party. In 2012 elections, they were allied with Worker House.[4]


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