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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
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PurposeTo elect Democrats to the United States House of Representatives
Cheri Bustos (since 2019)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC, sometimes spoken of as "D triple-C" or "D-trip") is the Democratic Hill committee for the United States House of Representatives, working to elect Democrats to that body.[1] The DCCC recruits candidates, raises funds, and organizes races in districts that are expected to yield politically notable or close elections. The structure of the committee consists, essentially, of the Chairperson (who according to current Democratic Caucus rules is a fellow member of the Caucus appointed by the party leader in the House), their staff, and other Democratic members of Congress that serve in roles supporting the functions of the committee.

The Chairperson of the DCCC is the fifth-ranking position among House Democrats, after the Majority Leader, the Majority Whip, the House Assistant Democratic Leader, and the Democratic Caucus Chairperson. The current chair is Cheri Bustos of Illinois, who assumed the position in 2019.[2]


The DCCC originated in 1866 as the Democratic National Congressional Committee.

Due to the reform of campaign finance legislation that took effect in the 2004 election cycle, the DCCC splits into two organizations a few months before each Election Day:

  1. One organization (the "Coordinated" campaign) can continue to stay in contact with the individual congressional campaigns, offering advice and suggestions to candidates and their staffs in each race.
  2. The other organization (the "Independent Expenditure" campaign), which makes independent expenditures in congressional districts on behalf of the campaigns, is not allowed to coordinate activities with the campaigns.

In recent elections, the DCCC has played an expansive role in supporting Democratic candidates with independently produced television ads and mail pieces.

Rahm Emanuel assumed the position of DCCC committee chair after the death of the previous chair, Bob Matsui, at the end of the 2004 election cycle. Emanuel led the Democratic Party's successful effort to capture the majority in the House of Representatives in the 2006 elections. After Emanuel's election as chair of the Democratic Caucus, Chris Van Hollen became committee chair for the 110th Congress and the 2008 elections. He continued through the 2010 elections. For the 2014 election cycle, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appointed congressman Ben Ray Luján to serve as the committee's chair.

Alleged Russian hacking[edit]

In July 2016, the DCCC said it was hacked.[3][4][5][6][7] Subsequently, a person described as a hacker and known as "Guccifer 2.0" (Russian Main Intelligence Directorate persona) reportedly released documents and information that were obtained from the cyberattack on the DCCC.[8]

Electoral history[edit]

2019–2020 Frontline Program[edit]

Candidate State Office Primary date Primary result %
Tom O'Halleran Arizona Arizona Arizona's 1st congressional district 2020-08-04
Josh Harder California California[n 1] California's 10th congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 43.6%
T.J. Cox California California[n 1] California's 21st congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 38.6%
Gil Cisneros California California[n 1] California's 39th congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 46.8%
Katie Porter California California[n 1] California's 45th congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 50.8%
Harley Rouda California California[n 1] California's 48th congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 46.7%
Mike Levin California California[n 1] California's 49th congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 56.6%
Jason Crow Colorado Colorado Colorado's 6th congressional district 2020-06-30 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Jahana Hayes Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut's 5th congressional district 2020-08-11
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Florida Florida Florida's 26th congressional district 2020-08-18
Lucy McBath Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia Georgia's 6th congressional district 2020-06-09 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Abby Finkenauer Iowa Iowa Iowa's 1st congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 99.3%
Cindy Axne Iowa Iowa Iowa's 3rd congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 99.2%
Sean Casten Illinois Illinois Illinois's 6th congressional district 2020-03-17 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Lauren Underwood Illinois Illinois Illinois's 14th congressional district 2020-03-17 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Sharice Davids Kansas Kansas Kansas's 3rd congressional district 2020-08-04 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Jared Golden Maine Maine Maine's 2nd congressional district 2020-07-14 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Elissa Slotkin Michigan Michigan Michigan's 11th congressional district 2020-08-04 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Angie Craig Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota's 2nd congressional district 2020-08-11 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Chris Pappas New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire's 1st congressional district 2020-09-08 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Andy Kim New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey's 3rd congressional district 2020-07-07 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Josh Gottheimer New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey's 5th congressional district 2020-07-07 Won
Tom Malinowski New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey's 7th congressional district 2020-07-07 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Mikie Sherrill New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey's 11th congressional district 2020-07-07 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Xochitl Torres Small New Mexico New Mexico New Mexico's 2nd congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Susie Lee Nevada Nevada Nevada's 3rd congressional district 2020-06-09 Won 82.9%
Steven Horsford Nevada Nevada Nevada's 4th congressional district 2020-06-09 Won 75.1%
Max Rose New York (state) New York New York's 11th congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Antonio Delgado New York (state) New York New York's 19th congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Anthony Brindisi New York (state) New York New York's 22nd congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Kendra Horn Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma's 5th congressional district 2020-06-30 Won 85.7%
Susan Wild Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Matt Cartwright Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Conor Lamb Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania's 17th congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Joe Cunningham South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina's 1st congressional district 2020-06-09 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Lizzie Fletcher Texas Texas Texas's 7th congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Colin Allred Texas Texas Texas's 32nd congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Ben McAdams Utah Utah Utah's 4th congressional district 2020-06-30 Won Democratic Convention
Elaine Luria Virginia Virginia Virginia's 2nd congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Abigail Spanberger Virginia Virginia Virginia's 7th congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Kim Schrier Washington (state) Washington[n 1] Washington's 8th congressional district 2020-08-04

2019–2020 Red to Blue[edit]

Candidate State Office Primary date Primary result %
Alyse Galvin Alaska Alaska Alaska's at-large congressional district 2020-08-18
Joyce Elliott Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas's 2nd congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Hiral Tipirneni Arizona Arizona Arizona's 6th congressional district 2020-08-04
Christy Smith California California[n 1] California's 25th congressional district 2020-03-03 Advanced 31.7%
Carolyn Bourdeaux Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia Georgia's 7th congressional district 2020-06-09 Won 52.8%
Rita Hart Iowa Iowa Iowa's 2nd congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 99.6%
Betsy Dirksen Londrigan Illinois Illinois Illinois's 13th congressional district 2020-03-17 Won 76.5%
Christina Hale Indiana Indiana Indiana's 5th congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 40.5%
Michelle De La Isla Kansas Kansas Kansas's 2nd congressional district 2020-08-04
Hillary Scholten Michigan Michigan Michigan's 3rd congressional district 2020-08-04 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Dan Feehan Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota's 1st congressional district 2020-08-11
Jill Schupp Missouri Missouri Missouri's 2nd congressional district 2020-08-04 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Kathleen Williams Montana Montana Montana's at-large congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 89.5%
Patricia Timmons-Goodson North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina's 8th congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 100% (Uncontested)
Kara Eastman Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska's 2nd congressional district 2020-05-12 Won 61.8%
Jackie Gordon New York (state) New York New York's 2nd congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 71.4%
Dana Balter New York (state) New York New York's 24th congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 64.5%
Kate Schroder Ohio Ohio Ohio's 1st congressional district 2020-04-28 Won 67.6%
Eugene DePasquale Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district 2020-06-02 Won 57.5%
Wendy Davis Texas Texas Texas's 21st congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 86.2%
Sri Preston Kulkarni Texas Texas Texas's 22nd congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 53.1%
Gina Ortiz Jones Texas Texas Texas's 23rd congressional district 2020-03-03 Won 66.8%
Cameron Webb Virginia Virginia Virginia's 5th congressional district 2020-06-23 Won 66.5%
Carolyn Long Washington (state) Washington Washington's 3rd congressional district 2020-08-04

List of chairs[edit]

Name State Term of service
James Rood Doolittle Wisconsin 1868
Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn Kentucky 1878
William A. Wallace Pennsylvania 1880
William Rosecrans California 1882
Arthur Pue Gorman Maryland 1884
John E. Kenna West Virginia 1886
James T. Jones Alabama 1888
Roswell P. Flower New York 1890
John L. Mitchell Wisconsin 1892
Charles James Faulkner West Virginia 1894–1896
Stephen M. White California 1898
James D. Richardson Tennessee 1900
James M. Griggs Georgia 1902–1908
James Tilghman Lloyd Missouri 1909–1913
Frank Ellsworth Doremus Michigan 1913–1917
Scott Ferris Oklahoma 1917–1921
Arthur B. Rouse Kentucky 1921–1924
William Allan Oldfield Arkansas 1925–1928
Joseph W. Byrns Sr. Tennessee 1928–1935
Patrick H. Drewry Virginia 1935–1947
Michael J. Kirwan Ohio 1947–1969
Michael A. Feighan Ohio 1969–1971
Tip O'Neill Massachusetts 1971–1973
Wayne Hays Ohio 1973–1976
James C. Corman California 1976–1981
Tony Coelho California 1981–1987
Beryl Anthony Jr. Arkansas 1987–1991
Victor H. Fazio California 1991–1995
Martin Frost Texas 1995–1999
Patrick J. Kennedy Rhode Island 1999–2001
Nita Lowey New York 2001–2003
Bob Matsui California 2003–2005
Rahm Emanuel Illinois 2005–2007
Chris Van Hollen Maryland 2007–2011
Steve Israel New York 2011–2014
Ben Ray Luján New Mexico 2014–2019
Cheri Bustos Illinois 2019–present

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