Democratic Current

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Democratic Current

التيار الديمقراطي
General SecretaryMohamed Abbou
FounderMohamed Abbou
Founded30 May 2013; 6 years ago (2013-05-30)
HeadquartersRue de Marseille Tunis
Youth wingDemocratic Students Current
IdeologySocial democracy
Third Way
Political positionCentre-left
Colours     Orange
Slogan"Conscience, will, realization[1]"
Assembly of the Representatives of the People
22 / 217

The Democratic Current (Arabic: التيّار الديمُقراطي‎, romanizedat-Tayyār ad-Dīmuqrāṭī) is a social-democratic political party in Tunisia that was founded in 2013.

The party was initiated and remains to be led by the former secretary-general of the Congress for the Republic, Mohamed Abbou[2] who also served as deputy prime minister in the Jebali Cabinet until June 2012. It is committed to the project of realization of an "Arab federal state reuniting the Arab nations freed from the yoke of dictatorship".[1]

After the 2019 Tunisian parliamentary election, the party agreed to form a parliamentary bloc with the People's Movement.[3]

Election results[edit]

Parliamentary elections[edit]

Election Leader Party list Seats
# % # ± Position
2014 Mohamed Abbou 66,396 1.95
3 / 217
Increase 3 Steady 7th
2019 Mohamed Abbou 183,464 6.42
22 / 217
Increase 19 Increase 4th

Municipal elections[edit]

Election Leader Party list Seats
# % # ± Position
2018 Ghazi Chaouachi 75 619 4,19
205 / 7,212
Increase 205 Steady 3rd

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Foundation ceremony on 12 June 2013