Democratic Movement of Mozambique

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Democratic Movement of Mozambique
Leader Daviz Simango
Chairman Luis Boavida
Founded 2009
Split from RENAMO
Youth wing Democratic Movement of Mozambique Youth League
Ideology Democratic capitalism,
Christian democracy[1]
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
Assembly of the Republic
17 / 250
Politics of Mozambique
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The Democratic Movement of Mozambique (Portuguese: Movimento Democrático de Moçambique) is a political party in Mozambique. Founded on March 6, 2009, it is led by Daviz Simango, who is the mayor of Beira. It formed after breaking with RENAMO.[2]

The general election, 2009[edit]

In the Mozambican parliamentary election held on 28 October 2009 the Mozambique Democratic Movement was not allowed to contest by the National Election Commission (Comissão Nacional de Eleições) in 9 of the 13 voting constituencies, allegedly on controversial procedural grounds.[3] MDM secured 3.93% of the total vote and 8 seats in the 250 member Assembly of the Republic.[4] Daviz Simango was the MDM candidate in the presidential election held on the same day.[5] He was placed third with 8.59% of the total vote.[4]

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