Democratic Party (Chile)

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Democratic Party
Partido Democrático
Founded 1932
Dissolved 1960
Split from Democrat Party
Merged into National Democratic Party
Headquarters Santiago de Chile
Political position Centre-left

The Democratic Party (Partido Democrático) of Chile was a Chilean political party created by a left-wing faction of the Democrat Party in 1932. It was created by a leftist faction of the Democrat Party, which opposed the right-wing group that officially supported the government of Arturo Alessandri.

Although they supported the presidential candidacy of Alessandri, eventually became opponents. In 1937, they joined the Popular Front and supported the candidacy of Pedro Aguirre Cerda. In 1941, they merged with the Democrat Party.

In the 1940s again were divided in the Democratic Party of Chile and the People's Democratic Party. Both parties were reunited in 1956. The party was dissolved in 1960, when meeting with other organizations to form the National Democratic Party (PADENA).

Presidential candidates[edit]

The following is a list of the presidential candidates supported by the Democratic Party.[1]


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