Democratic Party (Philippines)

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The Democratic Party was a political party in the Philippines.

It was to run candidates in the 1953 elections in all levels; however, its presidential candidate Carlos P. Romulo withdrew. After Romulo withdrew, his running mate Fernando Lopez also withdrew to run in the Senate election instead. Lopez and Ruperto Kangleon both won in the senatorial election, with Lopez topping the race.

The Democrats would later merge into the Nacionalista Party.

Electoral performance[edit]

The party participated in the 1953 and 1955 elections.[1]


Election Number of votes Share of votes Seats won Seats after Outcome of election
1953 3,793,654 15.4%
2 / 8
2 / 24

House of Representatives[edit]

Election Number of votes Share of votes Seats Outcome of election
1953* 342,889 8.4%
11 / 102
1957 42,890 0.9%
0 / 102

*Two of the seats were from a common Nacionalista Party-Democratic Party ticket.


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