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The Democratic Party for New Society (DPNS) is a Burmese political party founded in 1988 by Moe Thee Zun, the then General Secretary of ABSU, which was de facto outlawed by State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), in order to engage in the political process from within the legal fold in the aftermath of 18 September coup. At the time of creation, DPNS was by far the largest party after National League for Democracy (NLD) and attracted many younger students, both from high schools and university, many of whom are members of ABSU. Initially, DPNS was used as a legal political wing of ABSU and worked with NLD and all other democratic parties. The main aim of DPNS was to build a democratic society based on freedom, national reconciliation, social justice, equality and human rights. The party is a member of the Progressive Alliance.[1]


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