Democratic Patriots' Unified Party

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Democratic Patriots' Unified Party
حزب الوطنيين الديمقراطيين الموحد
French name Parti unifié des patriotes démocrates
Secretary-General Ziad Lakhdhar
Founded 1982 (1982)
Ideology Arab nationalism
National affiliation Popular Front
International affiliation International Communist Seminar
Colors Red, white

The Democratic Patriots' Unified Party (Arabic: حزب الوطنيين الديمقراطيين الموحد‎), formerly the Democratic Patriots' Movement, is a leftist political party in Tunisia.[1] Established in 1981, the movement was only legalised in 2011 after the Tunisian Revolution. The movement primarily advocates a parliamentary system, the balanced development of the peasantry and light industry, and campaigns against the exploitation of the working classes of Tunisia. In the 2011 elections, they won one seat in the Constituent Assembly of Tunisia, Mongi Rahoui from Jendouba Constituency.[2] In October 2012, the party formed a leftist coalition, the Popular Front, with the Workers' Party, the Tunisian Green Party, the Movement of Socialist Democrats, the Iraqi-led branch of the Ba'ath Party and other Progressive parties. The Movement is strongly anti-Islamist.

Its secretary-general, Chokri Belaid, was shot dead on 6 February 2013.[3]