Democratic Political Turning Point

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Democratic Political Turning Point
Democratisch Politiek Keerpunt
Leader Hero Brinkman
Chairman Theo Reijnen (Ad interim)
Founder Hero Brinkman
Founded June 19, 2012
Merger of Proud of the Netherlands, Independent Citizens' Party
Ideology Conservative liberalism, Classical liberalism,
Social conservatism,
Soft euroscepticism, Populism[1]
Political position Right-wing
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Colours Red, White, Blue & Orange
0 / 75
House of Representatives
0 / 150
0 / 566
European Parliament
0 / 26
Politics of Netherlands
Political parties

Democratic Political Turning Point (Dutch: Democratisch Politiek Keerpunt, DPK) is a political party in the Netherlands. The party was founded by Hero Brinkman, an Independent Member of the House of Representatives, formerly a member of the Party for Freedom (PVV). After Brinkman left the Party for Freedom he founded the Independent Citizens' Party (OBP) but on June 9, 2012 Brinkman announced that the Independent Citizens' Party was merging with the Proud of the Netherlands (Trots) party to form a new party; the "Democratisch Politiek Keerpunt" (Democratic Political Turning Point). The party participated in the Dutch general election of 2012, but did not win any seats.[2][3]


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