Democratic Progressive Party chairmanship election, 2008

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Democratic Progressive Party chairmanship election, 2008
15 January 2006 ←
18 May 2008 → 2012

Candidate Tsai Ing-wen Koo Kwang-ming Chai Trong-rong
Popular vote 73,865 48,882 6,530
Percentage 57.1% 37.8% 5.1%


  County-level units with Tsai Ing-wen leading.
  County-level units with Koo Kwang-min leading.
  Area with no party office (Lienchiang County).

Chairman before election

Chen Shui-bian

Chairperson of DPP

Tsai Ing-wen

The 2008 Democratic Progressive Party chairmanship election took place on May 18, 2008. The election date was announced by chairperson Frank Hsieh after losing the presidential election.


Three members expressed their desire to run for the position:

Chai Trong-rong[edit]

Chai Trong-rong, first president of the World United Formosans for Independence and former legislator, announced his candidacy on April 14, 2008.[1] He withdrew from the election on May 12 and endorsed candidate Koo Kwang-ming.[2]

Name Former faction Political office References
Hsu Tain-tsair Justice Alliance Mayor of Tainan [3]

Koo Kwang-ming[edit]

Name Former faction Political office References
Chai Trong-rong Welfare State Alliance Member of the Legislative Yuan [2]
Chen Shih-meng Secretary-General of the Presidential Office [4]
Shieh Jhy-wey N/A Minister of the Government Information Office

Tsai Ing-wen[edit]

Tsai Ing-wen, former vice premier and former chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Council, won support from many local executives and decided to launch her campaign. She earned endorsements from Chiayi County magistrate Chen Ming-wen, Kaohsiung mayor Chen Chu, Tainan County magistrate Su Huan-chih, and Yunlin County magistrate Su Chih-fen.[5]

Name Former faction Political office References
Chen Chu New Tide Mayor of Kaohsiung [6]
Chen Ming-wen Justice Alliance Magistrate of Chiayi County N/A
Su Huan-chih Justice Alliance Magistrate of Tainan County [6]


Reorganization of factions[edit]

Koo's controversial remarks[edit]


Candidate Total votes cast Percentage of vote References
Tsai Ing-wen 73,865 57.1% [7]
Koo Kwang-ming 48,882 37.8%
Chai Trong-rong 6,530 5.1%
Voter turnout 51.1%


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