Democratic Republicans (Italy)

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Democratic Republicans
Repubblicani Democratici
Leader Giuseppe Ossorio
Founded 2004
Dissolved 2010
Split from Italian Republican Party
Merged into Italian Republican Party
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre-left

The Democratic Republicans (Repubblicani Democratici, RD) were a tiny liberal political party in Italy. Their leader was Giuseppe Ossorio.

The party was founded in 2004 by splinters from the Italian Republican Party (PRI), who wanted to get rid of the alliance with the centre-right House of Freedoms coalition.

At the 2005 regional elections the party presented its list only in Campania, where it gained 1.4% and Ossorio was re-elected to the Regional Council.

In 2005 the party sided with The Union and contested the 2006 general election within the lists of Antonio Di Pietro's Italy of Values (IdV). Consequently, to this pact of federation, Ossorio was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in his home region Campania and sit in the IdV caucus.

On 20 September 2007, Ossorio announced that the Democratic Republicans were joining the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) alongside fellow ex-PRI members of the European Republicans Movement (MRE).[1]

In 2010, however, the party returned into the PRI's fold.[2]


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