Democratic Serb Party (Montenegro)

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Democratic Serb Party
Demokratska srpska stranka
Демократска српска странка
Leader Ranko Kadić
Founded 2003 (2003)
Headquarters Podgorica
Ideology National conservatism, Christian democracy
Political position Right-wing
Politics of Montenegro
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The Democratic Serb Party (Serbian: Демократска српска странка, Demokratska srpska stranka) or DSS is a Serbian political party in Montenegro. It was formed in 2003 following a split from the Serb People's Party led by Dr. Božidar Bojović who was its first party leader. Its second and current leader is Dr. Ranko Kadić. At the last legislative elections in Montenegro, in March 2009, DSS formed a pre-election coalition with People's Party, but the coalition failed to gain parliamentatry status.