Democratic Serb Party (Montenegro)

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Democratic Serb Party
Demokratska srpska stranka
Демократска српска странка
Leader Dragica Perović
Founder Božidar Bojović
Founded 2003 (2003)
Ideology National conservatism, Christian democracy
Political position Right-wing
National affiliation Democratic Front
Parliament of Montenegro
0 / 81

The Democratic Serb Party (Serbian: Демократска српска странка, Demokratska srpska stranka) or DSS is a political party in Montenegro. It was formed in 2003 following a split from the Serb People's Party led by Božidar Bojović, who was the first party president, and Ranko Kadić, first vice president and his subsequent successor.[1] At the legislative elections held in March 2009, DSS formed a pre-election coalition sith People's Party, but the coalition failed to gain parliamentatry status, winning 2,9% of the votes, just below the 3% electoral threshold. At the next election DSS participated in a nationalist coalition Serb National Alliance along with Party of Serb Radicals and Serb National Alliance, which won only 0,85% of votes.

On 31 August 2016, the party joined the right-wing conservative opposition alliance Democratic Front.[2]


Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote  % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Note Government
2003 none none
2 / 81
Increase 2 Split from SNS opposition
2006 47,683 14.07%
2 / 81
Steady SNP-NS-DSS opposition
2009 9,448 2.9%
0 / 81
Decrease 2 NS-DSS non-parliamentary
2012 3,085 0.85%
0 / 81
Steady SSR-DSS non-parliamentary
2016 77,784 20.32%
0 / 81
Steady DF non-parliamentary

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