Democratic Socialist Coalition

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Democratic Socialist Coalition
Coalición Socialista Democrática
Leader Fulgencio Batista
Founded 1939 (1939)
Dissolved 1952 (1952)
Headquarters La Havana, Cuba
Political position Left-wing to Centre-right
Politics of Cuba
Political parties

The Democratic Socialist Coalition (Spanish: Coalición Socialista Democrática, CSD)[1] was a Cuban political coalition, led by Fulgencio Batista. The party was founded in 1939, an served for the 1940 general elections, won by Batista. The founding parties and members were four: the Liberal Party (liberal), the Nationalist Union Party (conservative), the Communist Revolutionary Union (communist), and the Democratic National Association (conservative).

The Coalition won 36 of 162 Deputies, against the 45 of Opposition Front.[2] In the 1944 election, the coalition supported the presidential candidacy of Carlos Saladrigas Zayas as President and Ramón Zaydín as Vice President. However, the election was won by Ramón Grau San Martín.

In the 1954, the CSD run as National Progressive Coalition.


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