Democratic Women's League of Germany

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Democratic Women's League of Germany
Demokratischer Frauenbund Deutschlands
Dfd logo.png
Formation March 1947; 70 years ago (1947-03) -->
Type Mass organization
Purpose Women's rights
Membership (1988)
1.5 million
Parent organization
National Front

The Democratic Women's League of Germany (German Demokratischer Frauenbund Deutschlands, or DFD) was the mass women's organisation in East Germany.

It was established in March 1947 and had the following official aims:

  • Removal of fascist ideas
  • Education for women
  • Equal rights
  • Fair social living conditions
  • Education of children in the spirit of humanism and peace
  • Co-operation with the international women's movement

It was one of the members of the National Front and sent representatives to the Volkskammer. In 1988, membership was 1.5 million.[1]

Chairwomen of the Democratic Women's League of Germany[edit]

Name Entered Office Left Office
Elli Schmidt 1949 September 1953
Ilse Thiele September 1953 November 1989


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