Democrats' Convergence of Navarre

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Democrats' Convergence of Navarre
Convergencia de Demócratas de Navarra
Leader José Andrés Burguete Torres
Founded 1995
Dissolved 2011
Headquarters Pamplona
Ideology Christian democracy
Navarrese regionalism
Political position Centre-right

The Democrats' Convergence of Navarre (Spanish: Convergencia de Demócratas de Navarra, CDN) was a regionalist political party of the Spanish autonomous community of Navarre that split from Navarrese People's Union (UPN) in the 1990s, after this party became part of the conservative pan-Spanish People's Party. The break-away faction gathered around the figure of Juan Cruz Alli, former President of Navarre.

Between 2003 and 2009, CDN was part of the coalition government of Navarre, together with UPN. In the regional elections held in May 2011, it lost the two seats kept in the Parliament of Navarre, and the party broke up.

Election results[edit]

Parliament of Navarre[edit]

Parliament of Navarre
Election Seats won ± Size # of votes  % Government Leader
10 / 50
Increase10 3rd 55,153 18.6% Coalition (PSN-CDN-EA) Juan Cruz Alli
3 / 50
Decrease7 5th 20,821 6.9% Opposition Juan Cruz Alli
4 / 50
Increase1 5th 23,516 7.7% Coalition (UPN-CDN) Juan Cruz Alli
2 / 50
Decrease2 4th 14,418 4.4% Coalition (UPN-CDN) Juan Cruz Alli
0 / 50
Decrease2 7th 4,654 1.4% No Seats José Andrés Burguete

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