Demoiselles Coiffées de Pontis

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Demoiselles Coiffées de Pontis
LocationPontis, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France
Coordinates44°30′15″N 6°21′00″E / 44.504214°N 6.349981°E / 44.504214; 6.349981Coordinates: 44°30′15″N 6°21′00″E / 44.504214°N 6.349981°E / 44.504214; 6.349981

The Demoiselles Coiffées de Pontis is a rock formation in Pontis, near Embrun in the French Alps, located on the edge of the Lac de Serre-Ponçon. The formation consists of a number of hoodoos, described as a "set of narrowly-tapered rock columns....topped with a large rock balanced neatly on the tip."[1] In French, such structures are referred to as Demoiselles Coiffées ("ladies with hairdos").

It is one of the best-known[2] and most attractive[3] examples in France of the structure; an earlier commentator referred to them as "some fifty bizarre columns with hairdos."[4]

The Tour de France will use the road past the Demoiselles Coiffées de Pontis on the last mountain stage (July 20th) of the 2017 tour.[5]

View from above.

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