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Demon Kakka
Seikima-II 20100704 Japan Expo 05.jpg
Demon Kogure at Japan Expo 2010 in Paris, France.
Background information
Also known as Demon Kogure, Demon Kogure Kakka (デーモン小暮閣下, Dēmon Kogure Kakka), Den'emon Kogure (小暮伝衛門, Kogure Den'emon), Exclamation!
Born (1962-11-10) November 10, 1962 (age 54)[1][not in citation given]
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Origin Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, actor, author, television and radio personality, music and stage producer, motion picture and music video director, journalist, critic[2]
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1982–present
Labels Fitzbeat/CBS Sony, Ki/oon, Ariola Japan,
BMG Japan, Avex Trax
Associated acts Seikima-II, Grand Illusion
Website Official site

Demon Kakka (デーモン閣下, Dēmon Kakka, born November 10[citation needed]), previously known as Demon Kogure (デーモン小暮, Dēmon Kogure), is a Japanese musician, entertainer, journalist and sumo commentator. He is the frontman of the heavy metal band Seikima-II, and is known for always working entirely in character.


Demon attended Toin Gakuen High School and graduated with honors from Waseda University with a degree in social science. His elder sister, Yumiko Kogure, is a former Tokyo Broadcasting System newscaster.

In December 1982, he and Damian Hamada formed Seikima-II. In accordance to their "prophecy" and after completing their "world conquest", the band disbanded at the end of the century on December 31, 1999 at 23:59:59. They have had limited time reunions in 2005, 2010, and 2015.

He released his first solo work in 1990, and after Seikima-II disbanded focused on his solo career.

In 1994 Demon appeared on Larry King Live, becoming the first Japanese musician to do so.


Demon is an Akuma (an evil kind of kami) masquerading in the human realm. He is the former vice-king of Jigoku (Hell) and the founder of Akumakyō (a demoniac religion).

Demon preached his "religion" as the leader of Seikima-II (聖飢魔II, seikimatsu, "end of the century"), a religious group whose aim is to conquer the earth via heavy metal music.

In 2007, he changed his recording label to Avex Trax, and in mid-2009 changed his persona to Demon Kakka ("His Excellency Demon").



Release date Title Name holder Record label
April 21, 1990 好色萬声男 (Koshoku Yorozu Goe Otoko) 小暮伝衛門 (Kogure Den-emon) Fitzbeat/CBS Sony
September 21, 1995 Demon as Bad Man Demon Kogure Ki/oon Records
October 25, 2000 Astrodynamics  ! [Exclamation] Ariola Japan
February 14, 2002 Symphonia His Excellency Demon Kogure BMG Japan
October 8, 2003 When The Future Loves The Past〜未来が過去を愛するとき〜 (Mirai ga Kako wo Aisurutoki) His Excellency Demon Kogure BMG Japan
January 24, 2007 Girls' Rock Demon Kogure Avex Trax
January 30, 2008 Girls' Rock √ Hakurai Demon Kogure Avex Trax
February 11, 2009 Girls' Rock ~Tiara~ Demon Kogure Avex Trax
May 16, 2012 Mythology Demon Kakka Avex Trax
March 15, 2017 Existence H.E. Demon Kakka Ariola Japan


Release date Title Name holder Record label
August 21, 1995 Love Romance Demon Kogure Ki/oonRecords
September 20, 2000 Age of Zero!  ! [Exclamation] BMG Japan
January 14, 2009 熱くなれ (Atsuku Nare) Demon Kogure Avex Trax
December 12, 2012 Forest of Rocks Demon Kakka Avex Trax


Release date Title Name holder Record label
June 8, 2005 Le Monde de Demon 小暮伝衛門 (Kogure Den-emon), ! [Exclamation], His Excellency Demon Kogure BMG Japan
January 20, 2010 Girls' Rock Best Demon Kakka Avex Trax


Release date Title Record label
December 12, 1993 His Excellency Demon Kogure Dinner Show: 宴会大王 (Enkai Daio) Ki/oon Records
April 26, 2006 Demon Kogure: "In The Naked Lens" BMG Japan
September 26, 2007 Demon's Rock Show! Avex Trax
September 24, 2008 √ Hakurai Culture Rock Show! Avex Trax
January 20, 2010 Demon's Rock Expo ~The Live~ Avex Trax

Album appearance[edit]

Release year Song Artist Album/CD single
1987 "Rolling Boys in Town" (chorus) 大江千里 (Ooe Senri) 1234
1988 "恋のベンチシート (Koi no Benchi Shiito) (chorus)" 小泉今日子 (Koizumi Kyouko) ナツメロ (Natsumero)
1991 "WE ARE THE 魚屋のおっさん'91 (We are the Sakanaya no Ossan'91)" 嘉門達夫 (Kamon Tatsuo) (Utage)
1992 "Venus" 尾崎亜美 (Ami Ozaki) Points-3
1993 "冥界~北斗晶〈全女〉へ捧ぐ (Meikai ~ Hokuto Akira (Zenjyo) He Sasagu)" unknown 心のプロレス~輝ける美麗の格闘戦士達へ捧ぐ~ (Kokoro no Puroresu ~Kagayakeru Birei no Kakutou Senshi Tachi he Sasagu~)
1995 "魔王 (Maou)" 杉浦フィルハーモニーオーケストラ (Sugiura Philharmonia Orchestra) ト音記号 (To on Kigou)
1995 "悪魔 (Akuma)" unknown オフ・オフ・マザーグース (Ofu.Ofu.Mazaaguusu)
1996 "彼方からの手紙" 平松愛里 (Eri Hiramatsu) Reborn
1996 "失楽園はふたたび (Shitsu Rakuen wa Futatabi)" ダミアン浜田 (Damian Hamada) 照魔鏡 (Shou ma Kyou)
1999 "Man on the Silver Mountain" Various Artist Super Rock Summit Rainbow Eyes
2001 "Wisdom of Nature" 尾崎亜美 (Ami Ozaki) Amii-Phonic
2002 "エフ・ユー・シー・ケー (efu-yuu-shii-kee)" Various Artist Skill and a Shout It Lets Out
2006 "L←→R" Various Artist Death Note Tribute
2007 "Under My Martial Law" MCU A.K.A
2009 "ただ凍える挽歌〜The Theme Of FREEZA〜 (Tada Kogoeru Elegy ~The Theme Of Freeza~)" Various Artist

Dragon Ball Kai Song Collection

2010 "ダーミー城の吸血悪魔(笑) (Damijou no Kyuketsu Akuma (Wara))" Damijaw 無力な自分が許せない (Muryoku na Jibun ga Yurusenai)
2010 "Search For Light" Grand Illusion Brand New World
2010 "Time To Turn Over" Takashi O'Hashi Independent Souls Union
2011 "ただ凍える挽歌〜The Theme Of FREEZA〜 (Tada Kogoeru Elegy ~The Theme Of Freeza~)" Various Artist

Dragon Ball Kai Complete Song Collection

2012 "Forest of Rocks" Various Artist

"仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー ウィザード&フォーゼ MOVIE大戦アルティメイタム ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK)"

2013 "Nameko no Uta (Jigoku no Nameko no Uta)" Various Artist

"なめこのCD 2 (Nameko no CD 2)"

2016 "I See the Light" (Tangled) Featuring Demon Kakka and Jeff Watson guitar solo (フィーチャリング:デーモン閣下&ジェフ・ワトソン) D-Metal Stars

"METAL DISNEY" - on Walt Disney Records - "D-Metal Stars" band is Michael Vescera (vocal), Rudy Sarzo (bass), John Bruno (guitar), BJ Zampa (bass) and is a spin off of the Animetal USA project.

2016 "Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (時の過ぎゆくままに)" Various Artist
"Concrete Revolutio: Chojin Genso The Last Song (Anime)" COMPOSITE ALBUM


Video game appearance[edit]

Release year Game Console Notes
1986 聖飢魔II - 悪魔の逆襲 (Seikima-II - Akuma no Gyakushuu) Famicom and MSX2 Kogure played the main character who needs to save his band members in 4 areas.
1989 DJ Boy Arcade Kogure voiced the DJ in the Japanese version of the game.
1993 悪魔の審判 (Akuma no Shinpan) Pioneer LaserActive Kogure appeared in this game.
1996 G・O・D~目覚めよと呼ぶ声が聴こえ~ (AG.O.D ~Mezame yoto Yobu Koe ga Kikoe~) Nintendo Super Famicom Kogure composed the entire soundtrack for the game.
1996 桃太郎道中記 (Momotarou Douchuu Ki) unknown Kogure wrote music for one of the characters.
1998 G.O.D Pure Sony PlayStation Kogure wrote music for this game.
1998 SANKYO FEVER実践シミュレーション 3 (Sankyo Fever Jissen Shimyureeshon) Sony PlayStation Kogure voiced some characters for this game.
2009 Trick x Logic season 1 Sony PSP Kogure voiced one of main characters for this game.
2009 Trick x Logic season 2 Sony PSP Kogure voiced one of main characters for this game.

Movies/short film/OVA[edit]

Year Title Character/role
1986 Wanna-Be's Himself
1989 Godzilla vs. Biollante Himself
1989 Batman Joker (Jack Nicholson) (Japanese dub)
1990 Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb Münchhausen II
1992 Humane Society Himself
1997 桃太郎道中記 (Momotarō Dōchūki) video game
1998 Rudra Shags! video game
2003 ジブンナリ (Jibun Nari) unknown
2008 コナ ニシテ フウ (Kona Nishite Fuu) Himself, he's also the writer and director of this short film
2012 Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum Zatan (Voice)


Release year Title Publisher Notes
1987 我は求め訴えたり (Ware ha Motome Uttaetari) NESCO
1988 10回クイズちがうね (10 Kai Quiz Chigaune) NBS A book with a cassette tape
1988 デーモン小暮の試験に出るぬらりひょん 大学入試シリーズ (Demon Kogure no Shiken ni deru Nurarihyon Daigaku Nyuushi Series) NBS
1993 悪魔の人間学 (Akuma no Ningen Gaku) Madra
1994 デーモン・オーケンのハッスル巌流島 (Demon Ohken no Hustle! Ganryu Jima) NBS
2015 勝手に大相撲審議会 (Katte ni Ozumo Shingikai) TBD
2016 デーモン閣下悪魔的歌唱論 (Demon Kakka Akuma Teki Kasho Ron) Rittor Music


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