Demon Strings

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Demon Strings
Origin England
Years active 2005-Present
Associated acts Blur, the Good, the Bad and the Queen, Gorillaz
  • Isabelle Dunn
  • Kotono Sato
  • Stella Page
  • Antonia Pagulatos
  • Oli Langford
  • Alice Pratley

Demon Strings are an all-female British stringed instrument group except for Oli Langford. They are best known for being backup in live shows for bands like The Good, the Bad & the Queen,[1] Gorillaz, and Madness.,[2] as well as participating in the musical production of Monkey: Journey to the West.[3]


Formed in 2005 by cellist Isabelle Dunn (aka. Izzi Dunn) and manager Tee Bowry, Demon Strings is composed of some of the UK's finest string players specializing in live, television and recorded work.

As Damon Albarn's "in-house" string section, Demon Strings worked closely with him on several of his projects. These included the Gorillaz album Demon Days, a run of shows at The Manchester Opera House and The Apollo and several TV performances. Continuing the relationship, 2007 saw Demon Strings tour Europe and the US with Albarn's The Good, The Bad and The Queen. They have also performed the orchestration for Blur's eight studio album The Magic Whip.

Another of Albarn's projects, Monkey: Journey To The West saw the Demon Strings as part of the orchestra for runs at the Royal Opera House, Palace Theatre Manchester, Théâtre du Châtelet and culminated in a three-month run at The O2.

In 2008 The Demon Strings joined producer Mark Ronson on his world tour promoting his Version album, headlining many festivals including Glastonbury,[4] Big Day Out (Australia) and Coachella (US).

In 2014, The Demon Strings, were given an official credit for strings on Albarn's debut solo studio album Everyday Robots and have featured in several live performances from Albarn promoting the album, including The One Show.[5]

As of the release of Damon Albarn's Everyday Robots, the group has consisted of Stella Page, Isabelle Dunn, Ollie "Oli" Langford, Alice Pratley, Kotono Sato and Antonia Pagulatos. Isabelle, Stella and Antonia all featured on the Demon Days album by Gorillaz prior to the formation of Demon Strings.


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