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Voodoochild EP demonshorses.jpg
EP by Voodoo Child
Released July 11, 1994 (1994-07-11)
Label NovaMute
Producer Richard Hall
Voodoo Child chronology
The End of Everything

Demons/Horses is an EP and the debut release by Voodoo Child, a pseudonym of American electronica musician Moby.[1][2] It was released in July 1994 by record label NovaMute.

Writing, recording and content[edit]

Demons/Horses was written, produced and mixed by Moby. It consists of two long techno[citation needed] tracks of over 20 minutes each. The album is somewhat unusual in Moby's oeuvre as it contains fairly minimal trance techno ("Demons"), and even more minimal and very hard acid techno ("Horses").[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Demons" – 20:16
  2. "Horses" – 21:09


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