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Demos may refer to:

  • Demos (UK: /ˈdɛmɒs/, US: /ˈdɛms/), the ancient Greek word for the ordinary citizens of a city-state, "the people," used in English as a rhetorical term, and also as an element in compound words, such as demo-cracy, "rule of the people"
    • Deme, the English word for a second meaning of demos as a municipal subdivision of ancient Attica, Greece


  • DEMOS, a Soviet Unix-like operating system
  • DEMOS (ISP), the first internet service provider in the USSR
  • Demos Commander, an Orthodox File Manager for Unix-like systems




  • Demos Chiang (born 1976), Taiwanese businessman
  • Demos Goumenos (born 1978), Cypriot football midfielder
  • Demos Shakarian (1913–1993), Christian businessman of Armenian origin from Los Angeles
  • George Demos (born 1976), former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission prosecutor, and former congressional candidate

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