Dempsey (film)

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  • Biography
  • Drama
Written by Edward DiLorenzo
Directed by Gus Trikonis
Music by Billy Goldenburg
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Charles W. Fries
Producer(s) Jay Benson
Editor(s) Thomas Fries
Running time 112 minutes
Production company(s) Charles Fries Productions
Distributor CBS
Original network CBS
Original release
  • September 28, 1983 (1983-09-28)

Dempsey is a 1983 TV movie based on the life of the heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey that starred Treat Williams and Sally Kellerman.


Jack Dempsey starts out fighting in bars for half the take. He wins his first professional fight. After a later bout, he and his manager are held up at gunpoint and robbed of the purse. He sees the thieves later and beats them up to recover the cash. Jack meets Maxine Cates, but goes to New York to box. After a bout with John Lester Johnson is a draw, he breaks with his manager and goes back to Salt Lake City and marries Maxine. After money disputes with her Maxine leaves and Dempsey goes to San Francisco. Kerns becomes his manager. He wins fights goes to New York and divorces Maxine. He beats Jess Willard by a TKO and becomes heavyweight champ. He goes to Hollywood to make films and gets sued for non-support by Maxine. He fights Luis Firpo and is knocked out of the ring, but still wins. He is sick (perhaps poisoned), but still fights Gene Tunney and loses in a TKO. On September 22, 1927 he fights Tunney again. Dempsey knocks Tunney down, but the count doesn't start until Dempsey goes to a neutral corner. This gives Tunney time to recover and get up when the count reaches 9. In this famous "long count" fight Tunney wins by decision.


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