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Denardo Coleman playing with Ornette Coleman, Great American Music Hall SF 10/29/81.

Denardo Ornette Coleman (born April 19, 1956) is an American jazz drummer. He is the son of Ornette Coleman and Jayne Cortez.


Born in Los Angeles, California, in 1956,[1] Denardo Coleman began playing drums at the age of six. His first appearance on record was on his father's 1966 album The Empty Foxhole, with Charlie Haden on bass. Haden said of Denardo's playing on that recording: "He’s going to startle every drummer who hears him."[2] Denardo also featured on his father's later releases, including Ornette at 12 (1968) and Crisis (1969),[1] and played as a member of Ornette's Prime Time ensemble in the 1970s. He also worked with his mother in the band The Firespitters, and has played with Geri Allen, Pat Metheny, James Blood Ulmer, and Jamaaladeen Tacuma.

Coleman has also done extensive work as a producer,[3] including on albums by both of his parents.


As sideman[edit]

With Ornette Coleman

With Jayne Cortez & the Firespitters

With James Blood Ulmer

With Pat Metheny

  • Song X (Nonesuch, 1985)

With Charnett Moffett

  • Treasure (King Japan, 2010)


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