Denchukha Gewog

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Denchukha Gewog
Country  Bhutan
District Samtse District
Sub-district Dorokha Dungkhag
Time zone BTT (UTC+6)

Denchukha Gewog is a former gewog (village block) of Samtse District, Bhutan.[1] Denchukha Gewog is part of Dorokha(Dophuchen at present) Dungkhag (sub-district), together with Dorokha and Dungtoe Gewogs. The previous Myona gewog is also merged with Denchukha at present. It is one of the remote village in the country. At present it is connected with road and electricity. Denchukha is rich in its biodiversity. The former Gup(head of Gewog) was Hem Raj Limbu and presently Chandra Bahadur Bhandari is leading the gewog. Denchukha is almost five hours drive from main town Samtse. Amo Chhu makes it extremely difficult and some times impossible for motor vehicles to cross this river. During winter a temporary suspension bridge helps to ease the situation with few vehicles dare to cross it. Summer comes with the cost of no vehicles crossing the river. There are few vehicles on the other side of the shore to help the needed at all the time. The ongoing Amo Chhu bridge construction which would link the gewog with Dorokha(sub-district) Collapsed on July, 2016 leading to many death. The government has pleaded for reconstruction of this bridge soon and public are eagerly waiting for the day to come soon. Denchukha has a lower secondary school called Denchukha Lower Secondary School in the heart of the gewog. There are many community schools in other remote part of the villages under Denchkha Gewog which helps to educate children from all walks of life. To educate the unfortunate by age, we have NFE(Non formal Education) centers which educates elderly farmers who didn't go to school.


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