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Δενδρά (in Greek)
Dendra tholos tomb.JPG
The Tholos Tomb at Dendra
Dendra is located in Greece
Shown within Greece
LocationDendra, Argolis, Greece
Coordinates37°39′21″N 22°49′43″E / 37.65583°N 22.82861°E / 37.65583; 22.82861Coordinates: 37°39′21″N 22°49′43″E / 37.65583°N 22.82861°E / 37.65583; 22.82861
PeriodsEarly Bronze Age to Mycenaean
Site notes
Management4th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Public accessYes
WebsiteHellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Dendra (Greek: Δενδρά) is a prehistoric archaeological site situated outside the village with the same name belonging to the municipality of Midea in the Argolid, Greece.

The site has a history stretching back at least to the early Bronze Age and is significant for the Bronze Age cemetery excavated by Swedish archaeologist Axel W. Persson in the first half of the 20th century. Persson excavated an unplundered tholos tomb and many Mycenaean chamber tombs, presumably belonging to the ruling classes having their dwelling at the nearby citadel of Midea.

One of the many chamber tombs of the Dendra necropolis

Subsequent excavations (following partly successful attempts to plunder the unexcavated tombs) unearthed the unique and exquisite Dendra panoply of bronze armour, currently exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in nearby Nafplio. Later excavations also brought to light Bronze Age tumulus burials which included sacrificed horses.

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