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Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Firmicutes
Class: Negativicutes
Order: Selenomonadales
Family: Veillonellaceae
Genus: Dendrosporobacter
Type species
D. quercicolus

Dendrosporobacter is a genus in the phylum Firmicutes (Bacteria).[1] Members of the class Negativicutes, stain gram negative, despite being firmicutes


The name Dendrosporobacter derives from:
Greek noun dendron, tree; Greek noun spora (σπορά), a seed, and in biology a spore; New Latin noun, a rodbacter, nominally meaning "a rod", but in effect meaning a bacterium, rod, staff; New Latin masculine gender noun Dendrosporobacter, a spore-bearing rod from a tree.[2]


The genus contains a single species,[2] namely D. quercicolus ( (Stankewich et al. 1971) Strömpl et al. 2000, (Type species of the genus).; Latin noun quercus, oak; New Latin masculine gender adjective quercicolus, intended to mean associated with oak trees.)[3]

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