Dene Tha' First Nation

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The Dene Tha' First Nation is a First Nations government of the South Slavey in Northern Alberta. Its population is centred in three communities: Bushe River, Meander River, and Chateh. Dene Tha' is a member of the North Peace Tribal Council


The following areas are reserved for the Dene Tha': Amber River 211, Bistcho Lake 213, Bushe River 207, Hay Lake 209, Jackfish Point 214, Upper Hay River 212, and Zama Lake 210 [1] The total area of the reserves is 74,224 acres (30,037 ha).


As of 2013 the First Nations registered population was 2871 with 2017 members living on reserves or crown land and 854 members living off reserve.[2][3] The main language, as reported by the band government is "Dene" which includes the South Slavey language.


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