Denel Land Systems GI-2

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20 mm Denel Land Systems GI-2
DENEL GI-2.jpg
Denel Land Systems GI-2
Type Autocannon
Place of origin South Africa
Production history
Manufacturer Denel Land Systems (DLS)
Shell 20x139 linked on F1 link
Caliber 20 millimetres (0.79 in)
Rate of fire 750 round/min
Muzzle velocity 1050 m/s
Feed system Left/Right side

The Denel Land Systems GI-2 is an autocannon manufactured by Denel Land Systems (DLS) and used by the South African Army, Navy, Air Force, Royal Thai Navy, Indonesian Army and Navy.


The Denel GI-2 is based on the GIAT Modèle F2 gun design, for which Denel has a production licence.


The 20 mm GI-2 is a mounted monotube gun, with two 150-cartridge boxes on each side of the piece. After each shot, the empty cartridge is ejected from beneath the weapon. A hydraulic rearming device is available for naval or land versions.[1]


The GI-2 cannon is used in the following applications:




Royal Thai Navy patrol boat 229



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