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National Rail
Denham station building.JPG
LocationDenham, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom
Grid referenceTQ042877
Managed byChiltern Railways
Other information
Station codeDNM
ClassificationDfT category E
Opened2 April 1906 (2 April 1906)
2014/15Increase 0.304 million[1]
2015/16Increase 0.315 million[1]
2016/17Decrease 0.307 million[1]
2017/18Increase 0.322 million[1]
2018/19Decrease 0.308 million[1]

Denham railway station is a railway station in the village of Denham in Buckinghamshire, England. It is on the Chiltern Main Line between West Ruislip and Denham Golf Club.


A 1914 Railway Clearing House map showing (upper left) railways in and around Denham

The station was built just north of Denham village as part of the Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway. Its original name was Denham — Junction for Uxbridge as it was a stop on the shuttle service between Gerrards Cross and Uxbridge High Street; the latter station has long been closed and demolished, and the branch line to it dismantled.

The original station layout had four roads: two for non-stop trains, and two with platforms for stopping services. There was a small goods yard north of the line, and a signal box at the London end of the "down" platform. The two through roads have been removed, being taken up in December 1965, with all services using the platform roads and has since had improved track alignments to allow fast running trains. The signal box closed on 15 June 1975. The former goods yard is now the station car park.[2][3]

The station was transferred from the Western Region of British Rail to the London Midland Region on 24 March 1974.[4]

Abandoned Central line Extension[edit]

Under the London Passenger Transport Board's 1935-40 New Works Programme, Denham was to have been the terminus of the Central line's westward extension, with Central line platforms south of those on the main line. Work on the extension was postponed in World War II. The introduction of the Metropolitan Green Belt limited the expansion of the London urban area and the extension was cut back to West Ruislip. No visible signs of the extension works remain at Denham.


The station was built with a pedestrian underpass linking the platforms, but this was inaccessible to people with impaired mobility. Further, the embankment supporting the "down" (westbound) platform and buildings was subsiding,[when?] so the "down" platform has been relocated as an island north of the "down" road, in the gap left by the removal of the original through roads, and to provide a footbridge and lifts, similar to those at Gerrards Cross, for disabled access. The new "down" platform was opened for use in late July 2008, and the original "down" platform and buildings have been removed.

A proposed second phase, providing a third reversible track between the rear of the new platform and the existing "up" (eastbound) platform road, would improve operational flexibility by allowing stopping services to be passed by following non-stop trains.[citation needed]


The typical Monday - Friday off-peak service consists of:

Preceding station National Rail National Rail Following station
Denham Golf Club   Chiltern Railways
  West Ruislip
Preceding station   Historical railways   Following station
Line and station open
Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway
Line open, station closed
Preceding station   Disused railways   Following station
TerminusGreat Western Railway
Uxbridge High Street branch
Line and station closed
  Abandoned Plans  
  Proposed Denham Extension  
Preceding station   Underground no-text.svg London Underground   Following station
TerminusCentral line
towards Epping, Hainault
or Woodford (via Hainault)

Cultural Use[edit]

In New Tricks series 9 episode "Queen and Country" Denham station was the location used for an unspecified station in Exeter.[citation needed]

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