Denial Esports

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Denial Esports
Denial eSports logo.png
NicknamesThe Wolf Pack
DivisionsCall of Duty
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Heroes of the Storm
League of Legends
FoundedJune 4, 2013 (2013-06-04)
FoldedMay 31, 2019 (2019-05-31)
LocationUnited States
United Kingdom (CoD)
South America (CS:GO)
OwnerRobert Bowling
CEORobby "Ringokid" Ringnalda
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Denial Esports (previously stylized as Denial eSports) was a professional esports organization based in the United States. They were most well known for their Call of Duty team being 2015 world champions, having won the Call of Duty Championship 2015.[1]

Former Infinity Ward development lead Robert Bowling bought the team on January 14, 2016.[2]

In September 2017, the organization went inactive and their website went down due to issues paying players and staff.[3] The organization later resumed operations, but was dissolved on 31 May 2019.[4]

Call of Duty[edit]


Nat. ID Name Join date
United Kingdom Joee Joseph Pinnington April 11, 2018
United Kingdom Rated Rhys Price April 19, 2019
United Kingdom Bance Ben Bance April 19, 2019
United Kingdom Alexx Alex Carpenter April 19, 2019
United States Brack Carson Newberry April 19, 2019
France ZeeK (sub.) Ryan Lapierre January 29, 2019

Tournament results[edit]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]


Nat. ID Name Join Time
Mexico Blue Carlos Arestegui April 4, 2019
Mexico Link Eduardo osuna April 4, 2019
Peru vaatinator Julio Jimenez April 4, 2019
Mexico sam_A Jesus Taboada April 4, 2019
Colombia sickLyCS Juanes Valencia April 4, 2019
Venezuela Emmet Eli Pachano (coach) April 4, 2019

Heroes of Newerth[edit]

Denial's Heroes of Newerth squad got 2nd at DreamHack Winter 2013 with a squad of Pontus "Zlapped" Mähler, David "Probusk" Busk, Dennis "Flensmeister" Brofalk, Micke "m'ICKe" Nguyen, Son "VnSensation" Nguyen. Rezzy, captain of Hotti Gaming, kicked DozenthEagle. Rezzys statement on the situation was "As team captain of HOTTI and the rest of the team have decided to kick DozenthEgale from the team due to him being very disrespectful towards other teammates as well as he has been dragging the team down with his mood swings so we wish him the best of luck" Dozenth also responded in the comments by saying, "POV: you have terrible social skills"



  • Zach "Shadeey" Shades" Gilbert (Damage)
  • Steven "Awry" Michalec (Support)
  • Chris "Bitey" Mohn (Flex, Captain)
  • David "Stolzey" Mathis (Damage)
  • Noah "W1fL" Mathis (Tank)
  • "PrinceDannyTv" (Flank)
  • Kamlin “Kenzo” Subido Dunn (Tank)
  • Bryce "Vex30" Kelly (Support)
  • Cornslays (Coach)
  • Hawker2255 (Flex)

Fighting game players[edit]



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