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The Denianke Dynasty or Denyanke Dynasty ruled the Empire of Great Fulo from the 16th century into the late 18th century. It was a Fula Dynasty established by Dengalla Koli in 1513. Unlike the later Fula pre-colonial states of Futa Toro, Futa Jallon and Massina, the Denianke dynasty followed a traditional African religion. This led them into conflict with the increasingly Muslim subjects of the realm, leading to their overthrow in 1776.

List of Sila Tigi or Manga of the Denianke Dynasty[edit]

  • Dengella Koli I (1513–1535)
  • Dengella Koli II (1535–1538)
  • 15 rulers unknown by name (1538–1765)
  • Sule-Budu (1765–1776)

Denianke dynasty overthrown by Muslim revolt. Start of the Imamate of Futa Toro

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