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Denis Loubet is an artist who has worked on several pen & paper role-playing games and video games, including the MMORPG Ashen Empires.


Loubet designed a set of miniatures called Cardboard Heroes (1980), a set of 40 full-color 25mm cardboard figures for use in fantasy roleplaying games, published by Steve Jackson Games (SJG).[1]:102 Several more Cardboard Heroes sets were produced by Loubet, Paul Jaquays, and Jeff Dee.[1]:103 Richard Garriott stopped by the SJG office one day, and ended up commissioning Loubet to paint the cover of Garriott's game Ultima I (1980), and Loubet painted many other covers for Garriott's games thereafter.[1]:104


Origin Systems[edit]

Cover art, documentation illustrations, tile graphics, 3D sprite and model animations, 3D cinematic animations, etc.

Pixelmine Games[edit]

Co-owner: Promotional and In-Game art and animation

  • Ashen Empires
  • Dransik
  • Underworlds
  • Underworlds 2
  • Super Collider

Pen & Paper RPGs[edit]

Cover art, interior art.

Blade of the Avatar series of novels[edit]

Interior art

  • The Sword of Midras[4]


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