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Denis Periša
Denis perisa.jpg
Denis Periša

(1983-07-23) July 23, 1983 (age 39)
Occupationcomputer hackerwhistle blower
Known forHactivism
RelativesTina Periša (sister)

Denis Periša (born July 23, 1983) is a political activist, whistle blower and computer hacker from Šibenik, Croatia. He was convicted and criminally charged[1][2][3][4] in September 1999. He was forbidden to use any form of computer systems or internet for hacking the e-mail of politician Veselin Pejnović, while planting a backdoor to his network. He founded the computer security website in 1997. He founded ŠI-WIFI wireless, an organization that was formed for his town in 2005.[5][6]


During the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of a group, Periša made 3D-printed face shields for the local hospitals in Drniš and Knin.[7][8][9][10][11][12]

Law and order[edit]

Beginning in 2017, Periša worked on cases for local police and DORH (State Attorney) by coming across and prosecuting online bullies and people spreading hate with possible use of physical violence towards others. He spoke about how to report such crimes on National Television.[13][14][15][16] Shortly after he was threatened and was put under police protection.[17][18] Later on he was searching for fugitive Ivica Todorić and his online servers.[19]

Political standoff[edit]

In August 2010, Periša claimed that he blew the whistle on Social Democratic Party (SDP) for overspending the local city budget on town wireless network.[20] He privately mailed the city mayor[21] on which the mayor replied rough with no interest.[22] That gave Denis steam to publicly confront city Mayor Ante Županović[23] and said they are stealing money.[24]

He turned out to be right in 2013 after local news paper tested out existing wireless network and concluded it was not working.[25] After local political scene changed to Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) it became apparent that Denis will be next man in charge of rebuilding and maintaining local city wireless as most competent. So he did just that in late 2014.[26] More info below.

Anonymous group[edit]

After decade of claiming to lead hacking groups Denis claims he finally joined Anonymous group firstly fighting against ACTA and similar acts.[27] He endorses and motivate people to start using Linux OS if nothing then for lower power consumption and better power saving.[28] On June 4, 2015 Denis appeared on a skype interview for "Alter EGO" show talking about internet and anonymous representing himself as one of internet freedom fighters.[29]

Innovations and Technology[edit]


In January 2019, Periša built and installed a new type of sensor network for the town of Šibenik. Technology is LoRaWAN and it's based on 868Mhz version for this part of the world. Grad Šibenik was first town to do such thing in this part of world.[30][31][32][33]


On 7 October Periša implanted an xNT NFC chip inside his hand and was first to speak about it on national television and other media.[34]


Periša was founder and President of ŠI-WIFI organization from 21 July 2005 until 20 November 2017, when it was closed and a new city network was established.[35]

Periša built a free town wireless network with city funds in April 2014. The network was placed on 10 public nodes with 30 public antennas and access points.[36][37]

Public appearances[edit]


Periša conducted a live hacking on national television (RTL) and did a MITM attack demonstration on 14 May 2019.[38] He was featured on all major local news portals.[39][40][41]

Potrošači Digitalnog Doba[edit]

In November 2019[42] Periša gave a live presentation and lecture on "Potrošači Digitalnog Doba" in Split, Croatia, on the subject of personal protection and Internet news, hacks and biohacking.[43][44][45]

STFF (SpliT Film Festival)[edit]

In 2014 Periša began appearing at conferences, giving a guest lecture in Split at the Split Film Festival (STFF) on the subject of "Hacking and (Privacy) Protection".[46][47][48][49] After which he gave interview with same subject to H-Alter magazine with subject "Table to table via smartphones" where he commented all his previous work along with recent WikiLeaks arrests.[50]

KDFV (Creative Days of Faust Vrančić)[edit]

In summer 2014 Denis was invited to do another video presentation public speaking, this time on island Prvić with subject of hacking and creative thinking.[51]


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