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Denis Salnikov is a former byline appearing on the Club Review of the eXile, an English-language Moscow newspaper. According to a LiveJournal post, Salnikov is a "fictional personage".

The column, in addition to critically evaluating nightlife venues, describes the hedonistic nocturnal adventures of its fictional author, a member of Russia's new young cultural elite called the golden youth (золотая молодёжь). Salnikov's writing reflects an outlook typical to the New Russian (Новый руский) cultural phenomenon, and emphasizes status, wealth, and conspicuous consumption.

Recently Salnikov's father has fallen out of favour in Moscow; having been obliged to leave the city while his father recovers from a heart attack, Salnikov has been forced to discontinue writing the Club Review column.

He has been taken in earnest by a feature in the British newspaper, The Sunday Times.[1]


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