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Sir Denis William Brogan (born 11 August 1900 in Glasgow; died 5 January 1974), Scottish author and historian. He studied in Glasgow, Oxford, and Harvard. From 1939 to 1968, he was a fellow of Peterhouse and professor of political science in Cambridge. He became known for broadcast radio talks, chiefly on historical themes, and as a panellist on BBC radio's Round Britain Quiz, when he affected a testy, hyperacademic persona. In 1963, he received a knighthood. He was the brother of journalist Colm Brogan and the father of historian Hugh Brogan.[1][2][3][4]

He is buried in the Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground in Cambridge, according to A Guide to Churchill College, Cambridge: text by Dr. Mark Goldie, pages 62 and 63 (2009). His wife Olwen Phillis Francis (Lady Brogan), OBE, archaeologist and authority on Roman Libya and mother of four children, is also buried in the same cemetery; she later became Olwen Hackett on her second marriage, when she married Charles Hackett.

He appears to have had a working relationship with political scientist AFK Organski; a copy of the latter's book 'World Politics' (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1958) in the Glasgow University Library contains the following hand written note on the first blank page:

"To D.W. Brogan, In thanks for some delightful hours of talk, Kenneth Organski, New York, Aug 11 1959". The book was presented to the GUL by Sir Denis Brogan.


  • The American Political System (1933) Excerpts
  • The Development of modern France, 1870-1939 (1940 and later editions)
  • Politics and Law in the United States (1941) Excerpts
  • The English People: Impressions and Observations (1943)
  • The American Character (1944)
  • French Personalities and Problems (1945) Excerpts
  • The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1950)
  • The Price of Revolution (1951) [1]
  • Politics in America (1954)
  • The French Nation: from Napoleon to Pétain, 1814-1940 (1957)
  • America in the Modern World (1960)
  • American Aspects (1964)
  • Worlds in Conflict (1967)
  • France under the Republic (1974)[5]


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