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Denise Perrier (born 1935) is a French model and actress who won Miss World 1953. She now goes by "Denise Perrier Lanfranchi."

Perrier was crowned Miss France World 1953 by Miss France World 1952, Nicole Drouin. She represents France in Miss World 1953 pageant. Perrier was the third person to be chosen as Miss World in 1953,[1][2] representing France; the same year that France also won the Miss Universe pageant by Christiane Martel.

Perrier has done little acting. Her most memorable scene is an uncredited appearance in the 1971 James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever. In the scene, after a little persuasion from James Bond, who starts throttling her with the top of her bikini, she gives up and tells the location of the villain of the film.

After leaving her modelling career, Perrier became active in local government in her native France. She was one of the judges at the 2005, 2010, 2011 and 2013 Miss World contests.



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