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Denison Bollay (born 1952) is a software engineer working on computer languages and search algorithms, with applications for e-commerce and financial information.

Denison Bollay


Bollay is the author of ExperLogo and ExperLisp, the first incrementally compiled object oriented languages for personal computers (Apple Macintosh). He introduced the world to the first Interface Builder in 1986, and the first dynamic interface tool Action! in 1988. He was also the creator of DynamicDocuments (1988), the first object oriented, multimedia hypertext system (built in Lisp), WebBase, the first dynamic web server (1995), and WebData (a database of databases portal).

In 1999, he founded ExperClick, the first real-time internet auction market. The company's name was changed to AdECN in 2006, and it was sold to Microsoft in August 2007.

Bollay was awarded U.S. Patent No 6,457,009, "Method of searching multiple internet resident databases using search fields in a generic form." He has numerous pending patents. He founded ExperTelligence in 1984, in 1999, ExperClick in 2000, and became Chairman of MicroMLS in 2004.

He is also one of the authors (with Mel Beckman and Brian Fox) of the BuddyCast peer-to-peer streaming media protocol.

Computer Camp[edit]

In 1980, Denison Bollay created "The Original Computer Camp", an outdoor camping experience for kids. It included horseback riding and campfires with a hundred computers (Apples, Ataris, TRS-80s and TI-99/4s). There were robots, "turtles" (silicon based) and computer synthesized music. It was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, launching a trend that encouraged thousands of kids to become interested in software.

He graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 1974.

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Historical Action! video demonstrating an early interface building tool from 1988